Millennials are people in their 20s and 30s as of today, and are considered a whole different species in humans. That’s because it’s believed that the millennials have shaken things up in every sector of life, and not for the better. And when it comes to travel, the average view is that millennial travellers don’t want to spend yet have high expectations and are annoyingly social-media obsessed. While some of it is true, there are a ton of other things that don’t apply to the millennial who travels. Here are a few myths busted.Also Read - 6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hopping on a Long Train Journey

Millennials don’t like travelling with random people Also Read - Essentials Every Camper Must Have While Being Out In The Wild

Millennials are planning to take more vacations in the near future, more than any other generation. Which means apart from going with friends and family, they also travel in groups with companies that organise tours. This is because, millennials are said to really enjoy interacting with like-minded people in groups. There’s safety, ease, and a certain security when you’re with other travellers – and millennials seek just that when they travel. Also Read - How Travel Goes From Spontaneous to Luxurious As You Age

Millennials are cheap travellers

Millennials do care more about the value; they’re willing to spend the money on activities and hotels that seem worthy of their vacation but are also looking to save where they can, without compromising on their core values: experiences over material things. Millennials who’re avid travellers are willing to spend on experiences instead of buying a house or making other traditional investments.

Millennials are only travelling to post on social media

Yes, millennials are obsessed with their phones and all the apps that come with it. Although it may look like they’re always posting pictures, in truth, what they do most is check email and text while on a vacation. However, the connectivity enabled by mobile phones have helped millennials develop greater spontaneity; they want an experience that feels fresh and original. The plus side of millennial using social media is they inspire their peers discover the world with them and learn about cultures and destinations.

Millennials are irresponsible travellers

Millennials care deeply about having a conversation with the locals of a place and the most important thing while booking a trip is being a part of sustainable, ethical and responsible travel. They look for quality and real stuff; instead of going to a Michelin starred restaurant, most millennials prefer to eat cod-fritters from a street vendor who has been selling them for 50 years.

Millennials only want to stay in an Airbnb

Airbnb is definitely an appealing option for millennial travellers; the concept matches their core values: authenticity, convenience, and value. However, factors like design, location, loyalty programs, and more mean millennials still greatly prefer full-service hotels and resorts over Airbnb.