Complex cultures, heavy traffic in mega cities, fishing villages, gourmet food, and a spiritual way of life– Vietnam is much more than it appears. This Southeast Asian country is home to some of the best pagodas, temples, battle sites and crowded shrines and amusing architecture marvels. Be it the gorgeous city of Hoi An or the beaches at Pho Quoc, a traveller is never disappointed at the diversity this place offers.

For somebody travelling alone, a backpacker or a flash packer, or anybody on a shoe-string budget this is an ideal place to visit. The language may cause a barrier, but the ever friendly hearts of people will make it all worth it.

  1. Anytime is a good time to visit the country
Ho Chi Minh City

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It is one of those countries where any time of the year is a good time to visit. With currency exchange rate ( 1 INR = 323 Dong), and visa on arrival, nothing else matters much.

2. Beaches and villages

Phu Quoc

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It’s only half of an experience if you just do cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Vietnam has some beautiful beaches with sparkling white sands along the crystal clear waters like Phu Quoc and An Bang Beach. A few fishing villages like Mud Ne and Phan Theit should also definitely be part of the itinerary.

3. Bridges and caves

Son Doong Cave

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One of the most picturesque landmarks of Vietnam, the Golden Bridge in Da Nang is a sight to behold. Vietnam also houses one of the largest caves on Earth – the Son Doong Cave – that has its own eco- system.

4. Coffee & Desserts

Vietnamese food

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The mother of all coffees – the Vietnamese coffee – is usually iced and made with condensed milk. It is imperative to stack up on it; Ben Thanh market being the best place for the purchase. After some Vietnamese pho or other local delicacies (which are primarily non-vegetarian), it’s always a good idea to dig into the local dessert – sweet soup, mint jelly, traditional yogurt – to wrap up the meal.

5. Floating markets and house boats

Woman selling fruits on a boat

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The bustling floating markets at Can Tho is a perfect way of getting a taste of the Vietnamese countryside. The colourful boats dotting the river look gorgeous and is something to be experienced. The house boats in Mekong Delta too are a lot of fun while sipping on some honey tea and munching on nibbles like candied ginger, peanut bars and banana chips.