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Winter is a great time to explore some of the destinations in India, which are otherwise too hot to bear. One such place is Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. The rustic charm and breathtaking rugged beauty of Jaisalmer will sweep you off your feet. It is one of the few cities of India where life slows down for you and takes you back in time. If you have not visited Jaisalmer yet, here are 5 reasons why you must visit Jaisalmer in January 2018. Also Read - Ramji ki kasam!... Rajasthan's 82-Year-Old Gatekeeper Reconnects With First Love After 50 Years | His Viral Story

India’s only living fort is here

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The humongous Jaisalmer fort is the only living fort of India and provides marvelous views of the golden city. ALSO SEE Honeymoon in Jaisalmer: Your offbeat romantic getaway in Rajasthan

The weather in January is just perfect


Summers and monsoons in Rajasthan are too hot. That makes winter the only time you can enjoy this state and explore its gems. During the month of January, the weather is just right to explore everything amazing that Jaisalmer has to offer.

No better place to witness the great Indian Thar desert!


Jaisalmer is surrounded by sand dunes and vast stretches of the great Indian Thar desert. If you want to experience the mesmerizing charm of sprawling, brown sandy landscapes, Jaisalmer and its surrounding regions are the places to be!

Desert camping and a night under the stars

Imagine spending a night in the middle of the desert with a warm rug to shield you from the cold breeze while you gaze upon the twinkling stars in the sky! This is possible at the Sam sand dunes and Khuri near Jaisalmer which are prime desert safari spots.

Most romantic sunsets of your life


Few travel experiences can come close to that of witnessing the majestic sunset from Jaisalmer. Whether you are in the Jaisalmer fort or in the middle of the desert, the sunset viewed from Jaisalmer stays with you forever.

So, without further ado, just book your tickets and head to the Golden City!