That Mahabaleshwar is one of Maharashtra’s most popular hill stations and vacation spots is known to most locals. Several tourists from cities like Mumbai and Pune flock to Mahabaleshwar when they need a break from their hectic urban routine. But if you are not from the state of Maharashtra, you may need some reasons to convince yourself that Mahabaleshwar is indeed one of the best hill stations in the country. We give you 5 reasons why you must visit Mahabaleshwar in 2018. Also Read - Khaali Peeli Star Ananya Panday's New Accessory Catches Sonam Kapoor's Eyes, Check Viral Pictures Inside

The View

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Mahableshwar has a number of breathtaking landscapes full of lush green hills, cloudy skies and deep valleys. ALSO SEE How to reach Kaas plateau, Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers near Satara Also Read - 5 Quick Getaways Amidst Nature For The Intrepid Traveller

The Venna Lake

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The calm and serene Venna Lake here is a fine picnic spot and offers recreational activities like boating.

The Panchganga Temple

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For those with a religious bent, there is the popular Panchganga temple built at the confluence of five rivers, Krishna, Veena, Savitri, Koyna and Gayatri.

The weather

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The weather in Mahabaleshwar is quite pleasant almost all year round. However, winter is the best time to visit this wonderful destination.

The history

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Several places in and around Satara go back to the 16th century when it was taken over by the Maratha clan of Chandarao More. It was him who built the popular Mahabaleshwar Temple which is visited by tourists all year round. In fact, the first record of Mahabaleshwar dates back to 1215 when King Singhan of Deogiri visited the region.

So, next time you are looking for a break, consider Mahabaleshwar.