We simply cannot get enough of Goa. And why not? Not only is it one of our most favorite places in the country, Goa is the perfect holiday destination for just about anyone and for any occasion! Wondering where to head out for your honeymoon? Where do you go to recover from a broken heart? What’s the one place where you can find some peace and quiet? And what’s the best party destination in all of India? The answer to all of life’s greatest questions: Goa. Whether you are a single woman traveler or are travelling in a group or simply as a couple, Goa is also the best place for any and all kind of travels. But there’s something wonderful about discovering Goa all by your lonesome self. And if you are yet to make your first solo trip, Goa is about the best thing that could happen to you. So, without much ado, we bring you these five reasons why Goa is the best travel destination for first time solo travelers: Also Read - Question in Goa Board's Class 10 English Exam Stokes Fresh Controversy

1. It has the best public transport system: bike rental!

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Very few places in India let you rent out a bike (or a car) on your own. We cannot stop stressing how liberating it is to find oneself on the streets of a new town and have the freedom of going wherever your heart pleases. You don’t have to depend on a driver or keep waiting endlessly for a bus. Turn the key, start the bike and Goa is yours. Also Read - Coronavirus in Goa: As State Goes From 0 to 8 Cases, CM Sawant Urges Railways Not to Halt Train Here

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2. It is the best place to party (duh)!


There is a reason why Goa is known as India’s Ibiza. On any given night — no matter the season — there are more parties in Goa than you can imagine. The moment the sun goes down, every other place in Goa comes to life.

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3. But it is also a great place for some quiet time!


This is one of Goa’s paradoxes. While it does throw some outstanding parties, Goa is also a great place to unwind, be by yourself and get lost. Whether it is the quiet beaches of South Goa or the many yoga camps spread across the state, Goa is as much of a place for self discovery as it is for revelry.

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4. The locals are friendly


Photograph courtesy: Ram Reddy/Creative Commons

We admit we may be stereotyping here a bit. After all most Indians are friendly to the outsiders (remember, we were so friendly to the British, they refused to leave for three hundred years) and yes Goa does have its share of conmen looking to fleece you. But the fact is that Goa is one of those states that is used to seeing expatriates and travelers for much longer than any other state in India. Most locals are therefore very much at ease around outsiders and rarely ever hostile. If it’s your first time traveling alone, Goans are a great bunch of people to get to know.

5. There’s no dearth of budget accommodation


As a solo traveler, you often get a raw deal on accommodation. Single occupancy in most hotels is only marginally cheaper than double occupancy and you invariably end up paying for the person you are NOT travelling with. Goa, yet again thanks to its hippie past, has a wide range of hostels and hotels that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Which, as a solo traveler, you will come to appreciate an awful lot!

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