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Every traveler is a type of tourist. There are those who prefer hitting all the popular tourist spots. And there are those who only look for quiet, unexplored places. There are those who love to go on excursions yearning for natural beauty. And there are those who hit all the popular night clubs and active party spots of a destination. But when it comes to spending habits among travelers, there are specifically two types – the frugal and the profligate. (ALSO SEE Top 10 famous tourist places in India to travel on a tight budget) While both have their own perks, I personally love the frugal way of travelling. It’s the way most backpackers in the world choose to travel. Traveling cheap has a lot of benefits that you may not be aware of. Regardless of the amount of money you have, you should always consider travelling cheap. Here are 5 reasons why travelling like a backpacker is a great thing.

You invest in experiences rather than materials

When you spend less, you avoid spending money on extravagant hotels, souvenirs and activities. You choose to do things that cost less or nothing. As a result, you focus more on the experience and take back memories that are priceless.

You meet other backpackers

Roadhouse Goa

Roadhouse Hostel in Goa

When you travel cheap, you meet other people who travel cheap. More often than not, the number of such people is more than the number of people who travel extravagantly. So, you inadvertently end up meeting more people.

You see a different side of the world

When you spend less and stay at cheaper places, you notice things and people you would not when you travel lavishly and live in posh, up-market places like 5-star hotels. This is the best way to really understanding the daily life and culture of a place. DO SEE This Indian woman backpacked across Europe with her one-year-old daughter!

You learn to do nothing and just observe

Kasol - India's best do-nothing destination

Kasol – India’s best do-nothing destination

There are times when you do not want to spend on any touristy activities. So, you just end up relaxing, staying put, and observing things around you. This in itself is a beautiful way of soaking in the natural beauty and ambiance of a place.

You save money and travel more, duh!

This goes without saying. When you spend wisely, you end up saving money which can then be used to travel more. You can travel longer when you travel cheaper. Many will tell you that it is much better than travelling for a short duration in a lavish manner.

So, next time, try out the frugal way of travelling for a change. You may end up loving it!