Mumbai is a busy city. People here bear the brutal brunt of an extremely fast-paced life. Sur, it is the City of dreams and opportunities. But these dreams come at a price. The fierce competition keeps you on your toes and often leaves you exhausted. Plus, there is the heat and humidity. You cannot help but crave for a break every once in a while. One getaway from Mumbai that is most famous is Lonavala. However, it has earned the reputation of a crowded holiday spot that is done-to-dust. Almost every person who lives in Mumbai has been to Lomavala once. This often makes people avoid Lonavala when it comes to holiday options. That is a bad move though. We give you 5 reasons why you must visit Lonavala despite of its popularity. Also Read - Weekend Getaways in November For Traveholic Mumbaikars

The proximity to Mumbai

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The idea of taking a trip to Goa might be exciting but Goa is a 12-hour drive from Mumbai. On the other hand, Lonavala is just a couple of hours (lesser if you’re in Navi Mumbai). It is the nearest destination for you to get out of the city for a break. Also Read - Best Family Resorts near Mumbai for Winter Holidays 2017

The views



Say what you will of Lonavala but the fact is that it is a delight to witness the marvelous views of the Western Ghats as well as the city from the hills of Lonavala. There is something soothing about watching hills and greenery and Lonavala has these views in abundance.

The pleasant drive


The drive from Mumbai to Loanvala is a piece of cake thanks to the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Driving on such a smooth strip is a welcome change for anyone who is used to driving in Mumbai where the traffic is a nightmare. You will feel better even before getting to Lonavala.

The resorts


If you think Lonavala is crowded, you can head to one of the luxury resorts like The Machan or Duke’s Retreat where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the hill station sans the crowds. It is your own little place where you can have a great time without being disturbed.

The monsoon


Photograph courtesy: Dijesh Nair/Creative Commons

Lonavala remains one of the finest places to visit near Mumbai during the rains thanks to its marvelous ambiance during the season. While Mumbai is busy getting flooded during the rains, Lonavala is at its scenic best with cloud-kissing cliffs and gushing waterfalls.

So, forget about what people say and take off to Lonavala again.. and again!