There’s been a massive shift in why people travel today; from getting away from it it all, it’s now all about posting on social media. There’s no harm in it if you enjoy keeping the world up-to-date with your whereabouts. But if you feel you need a break; and can’t seem to figure out how, these are a few tips on how to get that much needed digital detox.

Leave the smartphone at home

Though it’s not easy to do, if you can manage even a couple of days away from your phone, you’ll see how freer, lighter and better rested you feel. That’s because you’ll be forced to stay in the present and interact with your immediate surroundings.

Pick a destination with no or poor WiFi

This is a great way to immerse yourself in the place you’re visiting. With little or no connection, you’ll have no choice but to ask people for direction, or chance upon quaint eateries in the by-lanes of the place. For starters, Ladakh in India is a great option.

Exercise self-imposed rules

If you’re into mobile photography, you obviously can’t go without your phone. So, what you do is use just the camera, and switch off all the other apps. Resist the urge to upload the pictures right away onto the internet. Keep reminding yourself that social media validation is not why you made the travel plans in the first place.

Carry reading material 

One of the perks of staying away from social media is that you’ll always have time on hand. You can use your free time to catch up on books, magazines or your own writing material. Carry guides for the place you’re visiting as well. They make for helpful reads when you’re exploring an unknown city.

Tell people you’re on a digital detox 

If you’re usually always online, you might want to tell people that you’re going away for a few days. That way you’ll know that people won’t worry for you, and you can stick to your resolution.