It’s that day of the year again. The 13 colonies of America had claimed independence from England on July 4, 1776. Over time, the 13 colonies were split into the 50 united states of America. It is one of the most important days of national importance for the citizens of USA. People celebrate Independence Day for a span of around four to five days. They come together for several cultural activities and community gatherings to make 4th of July a day to remember. Here are five things people do in the USA to celebrate Independence Day! Also Read - Horoscope, March 1, Monday: Hectic Day For Aries, Leos to Feel Superbly Energetic

1. Hang an American Flag (almost everywhere)

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When it comes to hanging the flag, Americans may tend to go a little overboard. You’ll find flags at almost every American home, office desk, car, bike, shop, school and a whole lot of places you won’t expect to see them at. Also Read - SSC CGL Tier-2 Final Answer Key 2019 Released at, Direct Link to Check Here

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2. Dress up in patriotic themes

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Well, at least on 4th of July, a whole lot of people will be dressed in blue, white and red combinations. A few even like to take it a step further and wear costumes in honor of heroes like Abraham Lincoln.

3. Participate or watch the local parade in town

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The Independence Day parade is a fancy affair and a lot of people participate as well as gather to watch the parade. Role plays, skits, musicals and a lot of performances are a part of the celebrations.

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4. Barbecue with family and friends

4thy july-4

Since it is a paid national holiday for most Americans, an afternoon of barbecuing with your favorite people is probably the best way to enjoy the day. Hamburgers, Hot dogs and cake are the usual on the menu.

5. Watch fireworks

4th july-5

Fireworks are a big deal, especially on Independence Day. Most cities across the USA have fireworks shows. In some places, people get together to enjoy some fireworks. Loads of food, beer and fireworks is an ideal way to end the day. (ALSO SEE Best Fourth of July fireworks in America you shouldn’t miss)


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