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Photograph courtesy: sabamonin/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: sabamonin/Creative Commons

For anyone planning to go backpacking in India, Himachal Pradesh is one of the finest options available. There are a large number of things to do in Himachal Pradesh without burning a hole in your pocket. Food and accommodation is cheap, which means you can stay for longer. The most exciting aspect of course if the stunning natural beauty which will tempt you to just stay there forever. With no crowds, no pollution, no noise and a relaxed pace of life, it is the best place to those who are looking for some time to spend in solitude. However, it is quite easy to get carried away and not pay attention to things that matter when you are in Himachal. Here are a few things you should avoid doing while backpacking in Himachal Pradesh so that you don’t end up messing up the wonderful experience. Also Read - With 4281 Cases And 111 Deaths, India is Between Stage 2 And 3 of Coronavirus Pandemic, Says Govt

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1. Over-fraternizing with foreign tourists


When in Himachal, you often feel like you are not in India. The sheer number of foreign tourists backpacking in the hills has grown exponentially over the last few years. It is easy to get carried away with their friendly nature and indulge into engaging conversations with them without knowing where to draw the line. Make friends and have a great time but know when to stop. Everyone is on a vacation to have a good time but the last thing one wants is creepy, over-friendly company. Don’t become the prick.

2. Getting high and losing consciousness in the company of people you do not trust


When you are in the hills of Himachal, more often than not you will face opportunities of getting high with complete strangers. While this sounds exciting, it is also extremely risky. Try to avoid company you don’t trust and if you foresee something weird happening, make sure your valuables are somewhere safe. Have a plan B.

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3. Carrying things that you do not need in a heavy backpack


A true backpacker travels light. If your backpack has things that you do not need, it means you are carrying a heavy baggage around which is likely to tire you sooner. Also, if you have to go on a long trek, you will curse yourself for the weight of your bag! So don’t carry ten types of shoes or fifty pairs of sunglasses. Clean underwear and a few pairs of clothes will do just fine.

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4. Carrying credit cards and not enough cash

Photograph Courtesy: Addison Berry/Creative Commons

Most places in the hills do not accept cards. The nearest ATM is often hours away and taxi rides can get expensive. Therefore, carrying enough cash with you is advisable. Most things come cheap so do a quick calculation of the amount you will need and withdraw when you see the first ATM. There is a good chance it will be the last for a long stretch.

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5. Being unfit


Himachal Pradesh is full of amazing hills and the views from the top are to die for. But not literally! What’s the point if you die before you reach there? So, get fit enough to be able to go on 4-5 hour treks. This is the one golden mantra of backpacking! Your fitness will take you places.

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