Whenever you get the urge to unleash the wanderlust in you, the first place in India that comes to mind is Goa. Right? Popularly touted as India’s party state, Goa has a distinct, laid-back vibe that pairs well with its sprawling beaches, buzzing bazaars and legendary nightlife. But wait. Ever wondered what more can you explore in Goa other than its beaches? If yes, then you have landed at the right page. Don’t think that all Goa has to offer you are beaches and seafood. There’s more to the place.Also Read - Export Water, Import Oil: Goa Agri Minister Ravi Naik Provides Food For Thought

5 Things You Can Explore In Goa Apart From Beaches - Places To See, Foods To Try

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Here we take you through a list of Goa’s interesting less-explored things than you can enjoy other than beaches and add to your itinerary. Also Read - Best Place in India For Kids' Summer Vacation: Cordelia Cruises Offers Starry Nights, Wonderland And Other Exciting Activities

Check Out The List Here

  • Goa Backwater

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5 Things You Can Explore In Goa Apart From Beaches - Places To See, Foods To Try

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For those of you who haven’t explored this part of Goa, let me tell you Goa’s back­waters and hinterland are absolutely stunning, historical, and authentic. They often go unnoticed due to the pristine beaches. There are five major rivers in Goa such as The Chapora, Mandovi, Zuari, Sal and Talpona. The Mandovi starts in Panaji (Panjim) and snakes its way inland, the Chapora starts at Morjim, and the Zuari at Vasco da Gama. Smaller inlets such as the Talpona and Galgibag river that flow in from the Arabian sea further along Goa’s coastline. Like much of Goa, they are at their most breathtaking during the monsoon. Make your travel calendar accordingly.

  • Dudhsagar Falls
5 Things You Can Explore In Goa Apart From Beaches - Places To See, Foods To Try

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65 kilometers to Panaji, Dudhsagar falls, which literally translates to Ocean of Milk, is located on the border of Goa and Karnataka. At this off beat destination, you can witness a cascade of white, frothy water fall vertically down 1000 feet, into a beautiful, pristine lake – hence the name. That’s truly a visual treat one shouldn’t miss. Besides, this waterfall is set against the backdrop of some magnificent forests.

  • The Goan Cuisine
5 Things You Can Explore In Goa Apart From Beaches - Places To See, Foods To Try

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Goa’s tropical climate has much influence in its cuisine making it intense in flavours and spices. For the unversed, the staple food of the people of Goa is rice and fish curry (you should definitely try it out). Some of the other popular foods to try out in Goa are Shark Ambot Tik – Portuguese influenced Goan food, Chicken Xacuti consisting of poppy seeds and Kashmiri red chillies, Chicken Cafreal – a spicy green coloured chicken dish that will leave your mouth watering, sorak – a simple vegetarian curry made especially during the monsoon and so much more.

5 Things You Can Explore In Goa Apart From Beaches - Places To See, Foods To Try

Patoleo (Source: Pixabay)

For sweet dish, you can try Patoleo. It is a popular sweet dish that may also be consumed along with tea. For the dish, a filling of coconut, Goan jaggery, and cardamom is made and stuffed inside the leaves which are lined with rice paste. Then the leaves are folded and steamed for 20 minutes. Ever tried this one?

  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

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The UNESCO-listed Baroque-style church, Basilica of Bom Jesus is situated in Old Goa. One of the most revered churches in the world, it holds a well-carved wooden statue of St. Francis Xavier as well as his mortal remains. The Se Cathedral at Old Goa is also not to be missed, when you are there.

  • Fontainhas
5 Things You Can Explore In Goa Apart From Beaches - Places To See, Foods To Try

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This is one of the coolest places in Goa that you should visit. For all your Instagram-worthy photos, this is the place to be. Fontainhas is the oldest of Goa’s well-preserved Portuguese quarters. A UNESCO certified heritage zone, it is dotted with narrow streets that run between colourful, Portuguese-style villas dating to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Interesting right? In fact, a stroll through this neighborhood is an essential Goa experience.

Some Of The Other Interesting Places To Explore In Goa

  • Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Cabo De Rama Fort
  • Fort Aguada
  • Anjuna Flea Market
  • Sri Mangueshi Temple

These are just some of the beautiful places in Goa other than beaches that deserve a mention. Should you plan to visit this tropical paradise, don’t forget to explore these off beat vacay spots.

Goa currently has no mandatory COVID-19 testing requirements. However, on Monday, Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said that states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala have mandated testing for fliers arriving from Goa and that the state, too, will be thinking along similar lines. The total number of active coronavirus cases in Goa stood at 1,017 on Monday.

Quick tip: If you are looking for some quiet and tranquility, we advise you to head to South Goa and the north in case you wish to explore Goa’s much talked about nightlife!