The capital of Indonesia’s West Java province, Bandung offers you a unique travelling experience. Be it the volcanic mountains surrounding the city or food, this place will leave you spellbound. With a pleasant climate and rich culture, you will always be on your foot exploring this extraordinary land.  We give you a list of things to do in Bandung that will make you trip interesting. Also Read - 'Suspending MPLADS Will Cause Delays in Devolution of Funds,' Shashi Tharoor Writes to PM Modi

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 1. Visit the Geology museum

Geology Museum

Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Who wouldn’t like to see a T-Rex? The Geology Museum has a replica of Tyrannosaurus rex from the Mesozoic era, which is the most popular exhibit, among other artifacts. The fossil of an elephant will definitely remind you of ‘Ice Age’ movie. The oldest fossil in the museum is Stromatolit, a sedimentary rock, which is 3.5 billion years old. The museum is often overlook but do visit to see the country’s most treasured artifacts. You can also taste local street food near the museum. Also Read - Sunny Leone's Sexy Silver Monokini Look as She Strikes Sultry Pose in The Pool is Too Hot to Handle

2. Experience the mystical Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih

Photograph courtesy: yogi nurcahya/Creative Commons

This striking volcanic crater lake is a major tourist attraction. This beautiful lake is straight out of a fantasy land with white sand lining the edge of the lake and water, which changes its color. Depending on the concentration of sulfur in the lake, the color of water changes from white to green. This sulfur lake is located 2,430 meters above sea level on a mountain but has small eateries and basic facilities like parking space and toilets.

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 3. Stay at Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort

Hot spring

After exploring the city, relax your sore muscles in the natural hot spring at Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort. The hot spring water is believed to heal nervous system and rheumatic problems. Local also believe that the water would make you beautiful, do you need any more reason? There are five bathing pools, and you can also book a private room if you are not comfortable about public bathing.

 4. Take a tour of Kampung Naga, Garut

Kampung Naga is a small village in the West Java province. The village still follows ancient traditional governance system. This simple hamlet has a velvety green stretch of paddy field in the south and a sacred Naga forest in the west. River Ciwulan flows in the south and north side of the village. To visit the village, the village head has to be informed as he is the most powerful person in the village. You will be given a tour of the entire village and it includes tour of one of the homes.

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5. Shop at Paris van Java

Shopping mall

Photograph courtesy: Zul Rosle/Creative Commons

The shopping mall, Paris van Java (PVJ), is located at the heart of the city Bandung. It is a popular spot for shopping among locals as well as tourists. If you love shopping you must not miss this place. The mall has 200 European styled shops and covers more than 5,000 square meters. You can shop for mid-range to high end products here. And when you get tired after shopping, rush to one of the many eateries here offering international cousins to local delicacies.

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