We’re so entangled in our daily lives that the most important thing often takes a backseat. Rushing out for work every morning, and then coming back tired and drained only to hit the sack is how most of us lead our lifestyles. It’s a competitive world, and to be able to earn handsomely is far more difficult than say, 50 years ago.

We’ve become sedantary creatures; often crushing our natural instinct of going out into the open and playing to our heart’s content. We unfortunately, have started satiating our thirst for travel by devouring pictures online.

Listen up, no one’s asking you to shirk away from your responsibilities; just be mindful to take a break so that you can rejuvenate and recuperate from all the damage done by a stressful life. And for that, here are some tips you should keep in mind the next time you procrastinate that family holiday:

Slow down, think for a moment

What is the point of the work clothes, home, and a car you buy that you end up spending each day working so you can repay the loan, but never have the time to appreciate or enjoy. It’s a sham. Because a human is only the happiest when he collects memories, not possessions. So, go out and make your share of beautiful memories with family and friends.

You need to spend time with loved ones amidst the beauty of nature

This is the fuel you need to keep going. Don’t underestimate its power. If you’ve no idea what a holiday can do to you, try taking one immediately. It’ll refresh you, emotionally heal you, and ready you to dive head-long into the competitive lifestyle you lead in the city. Plus, it’ll do the same for your family.

Don’t be over-ambitious about the trip

You’re taking a holiday to free your mind of stress; not to take more undue stress. So go easy on the budget. Don’t book the most expensive properties and flights and then worry about it later. Instead, go for mid-budget options that promise an equally enriching experience. Who cares once you wrap your arms around your family on a jungle safari!

Cut yourself off from the gadget world

It’s a no brainer. You have to disconnect from your phone and laptop to be able to completely immerse yourself in peace and tranquility. Checking mails frantically, staying on the phone all day and preparing data will defeat the purpose of you getting away from office. Be sure to tell people in advance that you will not be available from so and so date. Period.

If you can’t take long offs, take short ones

Some job types don’t allow the employee to be away for long. And that’s understandable. But then, make sure you take frequent short breaks. Drive to the nearest beach. Or take the flight to the nearest hill. A three-day vacation has the power to completely de-stress you. And make you happy and immensely grateful. Isn’t that, after all, how life should be lived?