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Running a business in not easy. As an entrepreneur, you spend a significant amount of time travelling for your business and it can affect the bottom line. With the increasing cost of airlines, rental cars and accommodation, the money required for business travel could be a problem. However, there are ways to lower those expenses. Here is a list of tips to cut your business travel expenses. (ALSO SEE Summer vacation 2016: 7 ways to travel in style) Also Read - Pakistani Man Arrested For Attacking Sikh Shrine in England

 1. Book well in advance

Although, sometimes you cannot avoid those last minute travel, but whenever you have time, book your tickets in advance. For lowest ticket price, book international flights at least 171 days prior to the departure and domestic flight at least 57 days before departure.  With so many online portals for ticket booking, you can also compare fares to your desired destination. Also Read - Singapore Reports 344 COVID-19 Cases in 24 Hours, Nationwide Tally at 31,960

2. Use regional airports

Regional airport

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Sometimes you pay a lot to fly into a major airport hub. You should check out the ticket price for flying into regional airports. These airports are not only cheaper but also has smaller lines at security checkpoints. Also Read - Malls Lose Rs 90,000 Crore in 2 Months, SCAI Seeks Adequate Relief

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3. Use reward points

Almost every other airline and hotel offer reward programs for frequent customers. You can also join the rewards clubs through credit card companies. They offer discounts, free stay or free flight, take advantage of these offers to reduce the overall expense of a business trip.

4. Opt for a rideshare


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Instead of rental cars, you can opt for a rideshare to save some money on your urban trip. There will not be any parking charges and other cost associated with rental cars like gas and insurance. You can also share the cost of the ride instead of paying the full amount. Lyft and Uber are the popular options.

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5. Have a teleconference

The teleconference is a cheaper and easier option to communicate with co-workers and clients in different cities. Although face-to-face meeting as sometimes unavoidable, a teleconference is useful for usual check-ins. This method can result in huge savings for the company.

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