One of the cheapest modes of transport anywhere, cycling is also a therapeutic activity. Whether you’re in your own city or exploring a new town, the best way to explore it is on a bike. However, while it’s a fun activity, it’s best done with exercising some precaution. Here are some safety tips to protect yourself while riding a bike.Also Read - 5 Things You Should Not Travel Without if Planning a Trip In Rains

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One of the biggest struggle of a cyclist is to stay visible on the road. The best thing to do is to attach a waterproof light (with velcro attachment bands) to your bike, helmet, body, or clothing. The light usually lasts up to 10 hours, and is rechargeable. You can also wear neon jackets or caps to let people know that you’re around. Also Read - Travel Tips For Air Passengers: 7 Easy Ways to Survive Painfully Long Flights

Communicate your actions

Unlike cars, cycles don’t have indicators or brake lights, so your best bet is to communicate your actions through effective hand signals. This means that you’ve got to be more alert and conscious. If you’re cycling in the dark, you can invest in a bright rear light that works just like a car brake light; sensing when you’re slowing down and flashing to alert the riders behind you.

Use the bell more often

Whether it’s a pedestrian or a fellow rider, using your bell amply is a great way to get people out of the way. You can invest in a bell that has a louder, longer ringing, yet more pleasant than other bells that lets people know you’re around in a polite manner.

Stay clean and dry

It’s always great to get high-quality fenders if you know you’ll be riding on muddy and wet roads. That way you get full coverage and don’t get sprayed, arriving dry and clean to your destination. These oversized mud flaps extend far enough over your wheel so that even the biggest puddle doesn’t damage your clothing.

Wear a helmet

If you had to follow one advice, let it be this one. Always, as a thumb rule, wear a helmet while cycling. Your can invest in a bike helmet that is stylish and has a safety lock that enables you to attach the helmet to your bike so you don’t have to carry it around all day.