One of the major setbacks of taking a haul-haul flight to any destination is the jet lag one inevitably suffers. It incased due to travelling in different time zones; the body-clock doesn’t work as effectively leading to fatigue, sleepiness, indigestion and muscle soreness.  Also Read - Essentials Every Camper Must Have While Being Out In The Wild

Jet lag can’t be eluded completely, but it can be prevented from getting worse. Here are a few recovery methods that’ll help you in that business meeting or exploring a place as a traveller right after your flight.  Also Read - How Travel Goes From Spontaneous to Luxurious As You Age

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As a thumb-rule, avoid caffeinated drinks before or while on an aircraft. Switch up tea, coffee, energy drinks with water and plenty of juices to stay hydrated. If your body’s hydrated and low on caffeine, there’s a good chance of you catching sound sleep on the flight, which’ll help once you leave the aircraft.

Get some exercise

Before you take that long-haul flight, make sure you’ve gone for a good work-out the day before. It helps the blood to get flowing and prepares you for a passive journey on the flight. Also remember to walk around every one hour and do minimal stretching in flight to prevent your muscles and joints getting jammed.

Take some melatonin

Although it is a hormone which is naturally secreted in our bodies and helps regulate the circadian rhythm, popping a Melatonin supplement will help speed up your recovery from jet lag by getting you enough sleep.

Board the flight rested

Don’t make the mistake of not sleeping before a long flight. Thinking that you’ll catch up on quality sleep mid-air is a big mistake. All the turbulence and ambient noise will interfere with the sleep no matter what. So get on that flight having slept well, to keep you energised through it.

Go on a mini-fast

Eating heartily before taking the flight, fasting while you’re in the aircraft and then eating again once you touch-down helps the body clock acclimatise faster to a new time zone. Consume liquids and probably some fruit if you like, and you’ll be surprised at how healthy you feel once you’re out of that aircraft.