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Traveling abroad is not one of the cheapest holidays especially when you have to convert every penny to Indian Rupee. INR may be stronger in a few countries (ALSO SEE 8 countries where Indian Rupee is stronger) but for most of them, the conversion rate is usually high. But a few hacks can help you save more than splurge. So if you don’t want to break your bank, follow these tips on your next vacation abroad. Also Read - Shocking! Government Helpline Receives 92,000 Calls on Domestic Abuse, Violence Amid Lockdown

1. Book flight tickets at the right time

Your saving can begin right from the time of booking your flight. Always open a tab in incognito mode and avoid booking it for the weekend when the fare is usually higher. Going during off season will also help you save a lot of money on sightseeing and stay because things are available at a lower rate and there are fewer people too. Did you know booking a flight in the right month can help you get cheap tickets. Here’s the best time to book international flight tickets.  Also Read - Real Kashmir Announce Partnership With Oxford United Football Club, Sign Arsenal Youth Defender Kashif Siddiqui

2. Buy a local sim card

If you want to stay connected with your loved ones even when you are abroad, make sure you buy a local sim card from the airport or the local mobile store. International roaming can be really expensive and you will hate how much money you’ve spent once you see your bill. Wherever possible, use WiFi instead of your data even if you buy a sim card so that you can use it for a longer time. Also Read - After Lockdown is Over, Automated Sector to Resume Operations First | 5-Point Strategy

3. Stay in an apartment or hostel

The most amount of money you are likely to spend on a trip is on accommodation. But the truth is that you can save money here if you opt to stay in a cheaper place such as an apartment or a hostel. They are relatively cheaper than a hotel and if you stay with a local family, you will learn more about the place too.

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4. Book a room for multiple nights to avail offers

When you book a hotel room for a set number of nights, you are likely to get offers like free breakfast or one night free, etc. This varies from hotel to hotel but it is always better to do so to get some discount. Look for websites that help you compare hotel prices so that you can book the cheapest one.

5. Buy duty free alcohol at the airport

When you land in the country, buy alcohol from the duty free shops so that you don’t have to drink at a bar and spend money on cocktails. You can have a couple of drinks when you are out and then continue the after-party in your room with the alcohol you bought at the airport. This will save you money as well.


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