If you have a sibling who’s bitten by the travel bug, make their travels better by getting them some of the most indispensable travel essentials. With Rakshabandhan just round the corner (August 15), you have the perfect excuse to spoil them silly while ensuring they have a safe time while they’re away. Here are some of the travel essentials that will come in handy from mountains to beaches and everything in between.

Portable Tent

A great spacious outdoor tent for your sibling’s camping adventures is one of the best things you can add to their travel essentials. Choose a waterproof and easy to set up tent that will just be perfect for campfire nights.

Intex Power Bank

We bet we all know that one sibling who never has enough battery on their phone. A power bank is the most important gadget that will help you stay in touch with them at all times. The Intex Power Bank will not let their smartphone run out of battery.

Aux Wire Selfie Stick

A travel kit is incomplete without a good selfie stick. An aux wire selfie stick is the perfect gift for that sibling who loves to take quirky selfies and capture picture-perfect moments on the go.

Hiking Bracelet (Compass, Flint Fire Starter and Whistle)

Hiking is the trend of the season, with monsoons in full swing across the country. And what perfect tool to carry when you are out hiking. The hiking bracelet has a compass, flint fire starter, and a whistle, making it a must-have for all backpackers.

Portable Multi-Utility Tool Keychain

It’s quite probable that your sibling forgets to keep the most important tools in their backpack. A multi-utility tool keychain includes a bottle opener, knife, measuring tape, nail file, pry bar, and many other useful tools that come in handy at all times.