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Bangalore may be home to a fun nightlife but if you are a nature lover, you can explore some its treasures not too far from the city. If your idea of a good vacation involves long drives, road trips and being surrounded by greenery, these five places are ideal for you. The upcoming Holi weekend is a four-day holiday and you can make complete use of this break to go away from the city and get some nature therapy. Here’s where you can go from Bangalore. Also Read - Bengaluru is India’s Top-Ranked City in New Global Prosperity Index, Delhi and Mumbai Also Feature in the List

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1. Yelagiri


A three-hour drive away from Bangalore lies this quaint hill station of Yelagiri. It may not be as popular as Ooty or Coorg but you will find the peace and quiet you are looking for in abundance. Natural beauty and lush greenery as far as the eyes can see, Yelagiri also boasts of rose gardens and orchards. Since it isn’t a very touristy place yet, you can expect fewer people here. But you can go trekking, rock climbing and paragliding if you are in the mood for some adventure.

2. Kotagiri


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Kotagiri is about six-and-a-half-hours away but it is worth the distance. Situated in the Nilgiris, Kotagiri is surrounded by tea estates and verdant greenery. If you are looking for a long drive and a destination where you don’t have to do much, Kotagiri is perfect for you. Take leisurely strolls, watch as tea workers pluck tea leaves and enjoy the beauty of nature. And if you want, you could go rock climbing too.

3. Coorg


Five hours away from Bangalore is Coorg which is one of the most popular hill stations, popular for its tea and coffee plantations. Its cool climate, majestic beauty and lush greenery make it a hotspot for tourists. Often called the ‘Scotland of India’ Coorg has many things to offer. From sightseeing to trekking trails and safaris and a tour of the plantation, this place is ideal for a short getaway. When here, do watch the sunset from Raja’s Seat.

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4. Hampi


Famous for its various temples, Hampi is about six hours away from Bangalore via road. This place is steeped in history and you can find the ruins of the palaces and royal buildings here. Ruled by four dynasties, Hampi was once the capital of Vijyanagar Empire. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its hills strewn with boulders. If you love history and visiting monuments, this is one place you should definitely visit.

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5. Chikmagalur


About four hours away from Bangalore is this hill station called Chikmagalur. Famed for its coffee plantations, it offers tourists a vast stretch of greenery and wildlife and even pilgrimage centers including monasteries, shrines and temples. Chikmagalur is also has many trekking trails for those who love the outdoors. Sip coffee, take in the scenic views and enjoy a break from the city life.

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