Goa, the ultimate destination to party and chill in India is one of the most preferred tourist spots when it comes to beaches. While Goa has a relaxed vibe that most people like, it is quite touristy and crowded during peak seasons. But India is home to a long coastline and there are several other beaches you can explore. We tell you about top six beach destinations in India that you should go to instead of Goa. Also Read - Suzuki Motor Resumes Operations in Gujarat Plant

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1. Andaman Islands


Photograph courtesy: sanath :)/Creative Commons

A cluster of close to 300 islands, the Andamans are a beautiful stretch of white sand beaches lined with palm trees, offering splendid views of the Bay of Bengal. The beaches here are numbered and you may have to take a ferry to go from one to the other. Dive and snorkel to explore its beautiful coral reefs here. Also Read - Arjun Bijlani's Building Gets Sealed After Doctor's Family Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Actor Says 'I am Worried'

2. Kerala


Kerala is not just famous for its backwaters, its beaches are equally popular. Home to some of the best beaches in India such as Varkala and Kovalam, you’ll the abundant natural beauty of this place. Coupled with ayuvedic massages and amazing seafood, a trip to Kerala will leave you thoroughly relaxed.

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3. Lakshadweep


If serenity and peace is what you are looking for, Lakshadweep is where you should head to. There are 36 atolls here but only a few are open to tourists. From diving to eating local food and relaxing on secluded beaches, Lakshadweep is the perfect place to unwind and take a break from city life.

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4. Diu

Photograph courtesy: Creative commons/Abhishek Babaria

Photograph courtesy: Creative commons/Abhishek Babaria

Though Diu and Daman are a union territory, the distance between the two is more than 600 km. You’ll find a vibe similar to that of Goa in Diu with its festivals, culture and even food to an extent. But isn’t as crowded and commercial as Goa so there’s plenty for you to explore. Diu has many beaches that’ll keep the beach bum in you satisfied.

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5. Odisha


Another coastal state of India, Odisha too is a promising destination for beach lovers. It lies on the east coast of the country and is home to many virgin beaches that offer peace and tranquillity. And if you love commercial beaches with restaurants and activities, it has those too.

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6. Karnataka


Photograph courtesy: Roopesh Chander/Creative Commons

From the popular beaches of Gokarna and Malpe to offbeat ones like Karwar and Maravanthe, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Karnataka. The state has a long coastline and one holiday isn’t enough to cover all its beaches.

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