Breaks ups are difficult. As much as you hate them, sometimes they have to be done. My limited knowledge about relationships and the ocean of advice available on the Internet tells me that it is better to break up face-to-face rather than by email or on a phone call. This is a travel article so without getting too much into the philosophy of relationships, let me get to the point. While breakups are rarely painless, choosing the right place to have the talk can smoothen things up a bit. Here are 5 perfect spots you can try in Mumbai to “attempt” a smooth breakup. Also Read - Mumbai Rains: Heavy Rains Paralyse City, IMD Warns of 'Flooding', Local Trains Suspended Due to Waterlogging; BMC Declares Holiday

1. Title Waves cafe: Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Receives Notice From BMC Over 'Unauthorised Construction' of Her Residence, Here’s What They Found ‘Illegal’

Title waves bookstore Also Read - Mumbai Rains Updates: IMD Predicts More Rains, CM Takes Stock of Situation

If your girl is into books, there could be a chance she will not value you as much as a cool book store full of books with a cafe attached. Tell her it’s not working out while having a cup of coffee and as it sinks in, ask her “Have you seen this really great book in the Non-Fiction section?” One book will lead to another and before you know it, she will forget how the evening started.

2. Marine Drive:

Marine drive breakup

If you are the kind of couple who likes to comment on other couples, just head to Marine drive. You can spot all kinds of couples doing all kinds of stuff sitting by the sea. Just point to one of them and ask “Do you really want to be like them? How cool would it be to be single and not do all this?!?”

3. Carter Road:


If you are the kind of guy who really cares about his girl and wants her to move on at the earliest after you break up, take her to Carter Road in Bandra. This place is frequented by “hot hunks” coming from all corners of the country aspiring to be the next big thing in Bollywood. By the time you tell her over a meal that it’s not working out, she would already have checked out some of these guys and arrived at the conclusion that you are not the end of the world and that there are several deserving sharks in the sea!

4. Colaba:


If she likes shopping, this is your best bet. Take a walk along Colaba causeway and break it to her. If she does happen to hear you as she checks out the artificial jewellery, inexpensive tops, books, candles, B-grade movie CDs, she will still keep walking . You can quietly just turn around and take off and she might not even notice.

5. Dome – Intercontinental:


This rooftop restaurant and bar in Churchgate is usually where people ask the big question. However, it can be an interesting choice for a breakup if you haven’t made a big gesture in your relationship yet. It will burn a hole in your pocket but might be worth it. Take her for dinner, ask for some fine champagne and tell her during your meal – “We will not be seeing each other from tomorrow. So I just wanted to make this an evening you can remember all your life.” If you are lucky, she might just go “awwwww” and let things slide.

6. Global Vipassana Pagoda:

Global vipassana pagoda breakup

This one is for those who are anticipating a really tough breakup. On the outskirts of Mumbai is a massive dome-shaped meditation hall to practise Vipassana, an ancient Buddhist way of meditation for self-awakening. A course usually runs for 10 days and participants meditate 10 hours per day. Break up with her just before you guys start your course. 10 days of no argument and self-discovery should mean a fresh start for both of you when you get out.