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Summer has the uncanny knack of bringing back memories of vacations to cool places. We all remember when we used to get those two months off school before beginning the next year of studies. The excitement of going someplace new and the thrill of seeing an unexplored place which often turned out to be just like our imagination. Regardless of what your age is, and what role you play in a family, summer always hold a special place in your life and calls for a trip. (For more such stories, check out our Family and Kids section) This trip doesn’t always have to be an extravagant vacation. There are several things your entire family can do without spending a bomb. Also Read - Rakhi Sawant Upset With Rubina Dilaik-Aly Goni, Asks Them to Take Time Out of Busy Schedule to Meet my Mom 'Vo Milna Chahti Hai'

Here are some cool family vacation ideas for those who are on a budget but do not like to tone down the level of fun! Also Read - 5th T20I: Martin Guptill, Ish Sodhi Power New Zealand to Clinical 7-Wicket Win Over Australia; Clinch Series 3-2

1. Take your family out on weekdays instead of weekends.

Almost all places charge more on weekends than on weekdays. So, use your leaves at work and take your family out on weekdays. Many good resorts have cheaper weekday packages as compared to the ones on weekends.

2. Stay at affordable resorts, avoid the luxurious ones.


Why stay at expensive resorts when your kids or family will be perfectly happy in a simple, comfortable resort. After all, it’s about being together and indulging in some fun activities!

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3. Take the train, it is not that bad!

Flights may be getting really cheap but trains tickets will almost always be cheaper. Not only will you save money but you will also be able to let your kids experience the thrill and excitement of train rides. If they are Harry Potter fans, chances are that the Hogwarts Express has done well to get them excited about trains.

4. Pick your destination wisely.

A trip to Shimla will cost you a lot more than a trip to Narkanda or Rewalsar. Try and avoid the commercial tourist attractions and see if you can pick a comfortable offbeat destination. You will spend much less and have a better time!

5. Take a trip to your native place.

Image: Augustus Binu/Wikimedia Commons

Image: Augustus Binu/Wikimedia Commons

You can never get enough of the place you belong to. No matter where you stay, the place where your forefathers came from will be special to you. If you have relatives there, it means free accommodation and food and the best time your family can hope for! Kids can bond with distant cousin, get a taste of your culture and indulge in local activities bringing them closer to their roots.

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6. Do not buy unnecessary things while on vacation.

It can be tempting to take back souvenirs or buy clothes, handicrafts, etc when you are traveling. Avoid. It will save you a lot of money and space. These vacations should be about having a good time and making great memories. Plus, you will always have the pictures you click!

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