Travelling allows you to discover a destination, but travelling alone allows you to discover yourself in the process. On a solo trip, leave behind all your baggage; just concentrate on your thoughts, actions, desires, and tastes and ways to indulge all of them. You can choose your destination, set the budget, the dates, and the itinerary – without a second opinion. And remember to do these things on your solo sojourn to make it a trip to remember. Also Read - Essentials Every Camper Must Have While Being Out In The Wild

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You don’t have to randomly talk to people at a marketplace. What you can do instead is ask friends and family if they have any connections where you’re heading before you leave. If not, you can pre-book an Airbnb, it’s a great way to know your local hosts. And then, chances are you’ll get introduced to their friends who’re locals and so forth. Also Read - Important Tips to Remember While High Altitude Hiking in India

Take yourself out to dinner

Make sure you have a sit-down meal just as it would be if you were meeting a friend. Treat yourself to an awesome meal and relish every moment of dining by yourself. It’s the most gratifying experience to have once you’re past the awkwardness of sitting alone in a restaurant.

Spend equal time amidst nature and people

The advantage of travelling alone is that you get to choose how you want to divide your time. You could interact with strangers, not interact with anyone and enjoy your own company, take long walks in parks, lounge on the beach, have a drink under the starry night, or go for an early morning safari. But it’s best that you do a bit of everything, so you can find out more about your self and what you like doing the most.

Go on a tour group at least once

If you’re in a new city, the best shot at making a friend is through these guided tours that happen in groups. From museums to monuments to scuba diving and and vineyards – you never know where you will find a person you hit it off with.  Even if you don’t, you’d have an experience that you’ll cherish forever.

Maintain a travel journal

On days when you feel you need company, your best bet could be a travel journal. You can scribble, doddle, pen down your thoughts, paste pictures and flight tickets – basically document everything you feel and experience over there. This will help you relive every moment of your solo trip once you’re back from it. Also, they often help introspect – you may get the much needed clarity you’re seeking in life.

Trust your instincts

Listen closely to the gut feelings you have about people, places, and things, and base your decisions on them. They seldom go wrong. Being on your own will help you take decisions you otherwise never would’ve taken. When you realise you’ve avoided or figured out a crisis on your own, that feeling is extremely empowering.