The Rio Olympics 2016 has begun and with that the world seems to have shifted their focus on Brazil. People from all over have already reached Rio’s shores while others are still planning to witness one of the greatest multi-sport events. And if you too are planning to or already are in Rio de Janeiro, make sure that you also take out some time explore the city that is filled with beaches and rainforests.Also Read - Watch: Horrific Video Captures Moment Canyon Wall Collapses And Traps Tourists in Brazil

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1. Copacabana

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Copacabana is one of the most renowned beaches of the world. Every beach bum is sure to have heard of this stunning beach that is located at the Atlantic shore. The beach not just has alluring white sands, but also has two historic forts at both ends. You can also find kiosks at short distance, so as to grab a beer. This beach has also been an important venue for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and the mere sight of paragliders soaring is enough to add fun to your trip.

2. Prainha


Situated on the southwest of Rio, Prainha beach is comparatively smaller and secluded. It has the shape of a half-moon that is surrounded by huge cliffs and rocks. You usually see lesser crowd here which means that you have more reasons to visit this beach. There is a small restaurant very close to the beach from where you can grab few drinks or relish on delicious food. And if you don’t wish to walk till the restaurant, there are also kiosks on the beach for refreshments.

3. Leblon


Leblon is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Rio. The local beach here is also called as Leblon which is one of the best. If you want to just walk along the shores while the pristine blue waters touch your feet, this is where you should be. And if you are a beach bum, you will absolutely love this spot.

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4. Ipanema


Another best beach is Ipanema which is also widely known by the song,’ The girl from Ipanema’ wthat also won a Grammy for Record of the Year in 1965.This beach has everything that a tourist looks for. From playing sports like football, volleyball to beer being sold everywhere, there is a lot that you can do here. The waters are sometimes blue and sometimes green and either ways it looks beautiful.

5. Barra da Tijuca

Barra da Tijuca

Barra da Tijuca is a small neighborhood in Bairro and is well known for its beaches. This beach is 18 km long and is the largest beach in Rio de Janeiro. The waters are crystal clear and have a shade of green. This beautiful beach is mostly preferred by adventure enthusiasts who love the waters for sports like windsurfing and kite surfing. You can also cycle along the dedicated cycling path on Barra beach.

6. Joatinga


Joatinga sees Rio’s uber-cool crowd who love surfing and swimming. Dog- lovers can also often be seen coming here for walks. If you do not belong to either of this category, even then you won’t be disappointed, since the location is enough to leave you stunned.  Surrounded by beautiful nature, stunning islands and picturesque landscapes, this beach is pure delight to the eyes, especially when the sun rays turn the sand to magical golden.

7. Flamengo beach


The Flamengo beach may not be one of the popular beaches of Rio, but this is exactly why you should visit this. With very less tourists, it is quiet and offers solace. Located in Flamengo which is another quaint neighborhood, it overlooks the SugarLoaf Mountain and also the Christ Redeemer. The attractive landscapes will leave you stunned.

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