Winter in India often brings with it its own perks and perils. The northern belt of India is where you can actually feel the impact of winter with snow and fog in several areas while the southern parts of India are usually not so affected by it. Depending on how much cold you can tolerate, we list places in India that you can visit to experience winter. From snow-covered areas to hill stations that are chilly but not extremely cold, we’ve listed destinations that are suited for different people. Also Read - 'CHAMPIONS': PM Modi Launches ICT-based Technology Platform to Empower MSMEs

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This state can get unbearably hot during the summer months but winter is a good time to visit Rajasthan as you can go out and explore even during the day and enjoy some chilly nights. The temperature that is usually pleasant in the day, dips by night and you will likely need your woollens. Rajasthan is a tourist’s paradise and you will find several attractions. Its royal heritage and majestic forts will make you marvel at its beauty. From Jaipur’s gems and stones to Udiapur’s lake palaces and Jaisalmer’s forts, you can explore a part or different regions of Rajasthan in the winter.



Another state that is best visited in the winter is Kerala which is rightly called God’s Own Country. The lush greenery coupled with the pleasant weather gives tourists one of the best experiences when here. Kerala’s natural beauty is unparalleled and you can see different terrains when here. From hill station like Munnar that is known for its tea plantations to backwaters of Alleppey and serene beaches like Kovalam and Varkala. Summers can be unbearably hot and you may not be able to see everything but winter is perfect to explore all parts. You may need a light sweater if it gets a little chilly.

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If you want to experience a white winter, Gulmarg is one of the places you can visit as it experiences snowfall. Gulmarg is also popular as ski destination in India and people come here in the winter months to learn or practise this sport once the snow sets in. With a white cover as far as the eyes can see, Gulmarg is a must-visit for people who love cold weather. If you don’t want to ski, you can go on a cable car ride or for a snow trek. The winter months are perfect for enjoying snow fights too.

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Come winter and you will see a number of tourists flocking to Goa as the official peak season begins in this tiny state. Goa is known for its parties especially during New Year and Christmas when the whole state comes alive. It isn’t hot to laze around on the beaches and the nights are pleasant, sometimes even cold requiring you to put on a jacket. However, more than the perfect weather, it is Goa’s charm that draws people here. We suggest hitting north Goa for the parties as well as paying a visit to south Goa for its pristine beaches and luxury resorts.

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Mussoorie is a place to visit for tourists looking for an offbeat destination. The accommodation rates are usually slashed and you are likely to find fewer tourists than the summer months. The attractions maybe limited due to the snowfall but you will have a splendid time if you love winters and snow. Mussoorie has a slow pace of life and you are likely to find an old-world charm here with colonial bungalows and Victorian architecture still prevalent here. The hill station offers panoramic views of mountain ranges and sightseeing places like Lal Tibba, Landour, Mussoorie Lake, Happy Valley, etc.

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If your idea of a winter vacation is to spend it in the lap of nature, Nainital is a destination for you. The hill station has the Lake Naini with the rest of the city built around it. Hills surround the place and there is enough greenery to feast your eyes. In the winter, Nainital is not as cold as other regions in Uttarakhand but it is still cold enough to don your winter clothes. Make sure the place you stay at has running hot water or else things can be difficult. Go boating in the lake and enjoy majestic views of the hill station.

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odisha day utkal divas

Lying on the east coast of India, Odisha’s beauty is quite underrated but those who have witnessed it can vouch for how much the state has to offer to tourists. From temples like Konark and Jagannath to beaches in Puri and Chilika Lake which is a brackish lagoon, there is a lot to see here. Winter season is the best time to visit Odisha as the climate is pleasant unlike summers when people suffer from heat strokes. Apart from sightseeing, Odisha’s rich culture and heritage is also worth exploring. The state is famous for its filigree and appliqué work.

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