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Do you like travelling but cannot, because of your job? Then this post is for you. Travelling is a way to take a break from work and reconnect with oneself. Vacations are important to stay healthy, energetic and remain focused even with a high demanding job. Vacations are time to unwind and relax, but vacations don’t last. So, here is a list of jobs that you can opt for if you are a bitten by the travel bug. (ALSO READ The incredible story of a couple who quit their jobs to travel!) Also Read - Unlock 1 in Haryana: Faridabad to Follow Existing Guidelines For Now, New Directions Tomorrow

1. Travel writer


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What can be more exciting than visiting an exotic place and writing about it and getting paid for it? You will get free trips and a recognition as a writer but it is hard work. You will be expected to travel to a new place, explore it and meet the deadlines for your articles. The field is very competitive but if you like challenge, just go for it. Also Read - Star Sports Brings The Best of IPL Rivalries This June

 2. Air hostess

Air hostess

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This is another profession that will allow you to visit many destinations. Not just you will travel to several locations, you will also meet new people. (ALSO SEE These two book lovers traveled 10,000 km across 20 Indian states driving a mobile library!) Also Read - Going by Centre’s Guidelines, Bihar Extends Coronavirus Lockdown Till June 30

 3. Archaeologist


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A career as an archaeologist will give you a chance to travel across the world to preserve artefacts and for research projects. Your career will often include extended trips to remote parts of the world.

4. Cruise line worker


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As a worker on a cruise ship, you will make a living while travelling across the seven oceans of the world. You will get free accommodation and food. As per your knowledge and skill, you can select from a variety of job positions on a ship from a performer to chef to a shop clerk.

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5. English teacher


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English teachers are in demand in many countries. You will be able to work in many foreign countries if you have the proper qualification. Working in foreign countries will give you an opportunity to understand its culture and explore the land.

6. Stage crew or Roadies


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Stage crew works backstage in theatres, television or other performance-oriented events. The work includes setting up the sound system, lights and effects for a production. Usually, musicians and theatre productions take stagehands along with them for their tours. So you will be working and going on tours with them.

7. Tour Guide

Tour Guide

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Imagine living in a foreign country spending time showing around the beautiful places to fellow travel lovers. If you are friendly and comfortable in interacting with people, then this is the job for you. You can be a travel guide wherever you want to visit.

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