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From cheap tickets, homestays, to safety numbers and finding the nearest loo — here are apps that will sort everything for your next travel and make it a smooth journey right from the planning stage to the end of the trip.Also Read - IPL 2021, MI vs CSK: Ruturaj Gaikwad 'Proud' After Giving CSK a Fighting Chance Over MI

Skyscanner (Android, iOS)

Looking for cheap airline fares? This app does just that. It collects fares from different websites and shows you price fluctuations and surge at one place so you get the best deal possible. You can also book hotels and hire cars using this app. Struck by wanderlust? Good luck trying to get off this app. Also Read - LIVE CSK vs MI Live Cricket Score Today, IPL 2021 Match Latest Updates: Chahar Removes De Kock Early in 157 Chase

Airbnb (Android, iOS)

Looking for accommodation but don’t want to stay in a hotel? This app lets you find homes and places to stay almost anywhere. This is the mobile version of the website and lets you take a pick from its 600,000 listing of options in over 190 countries. Apart from rooms and homes, it also offers stay in castles and igloos. And if you aren’t inspired to travel, the pretty homes around the world offer thousands of design ideas for your own home too! Also Read - IPL 2021:'Dangerous' KKR Have Nothing to Lose- Eoin Morgan

TravelSafe (Android)

As the name suggests, TravelSafe ensures you… well… travel safe by giving you a list of emergency numbers of the country you are traveling in. So wherever you go, you know your help is just a phone call away. The app also offers a pro version which lists out embassy numbers in case you lose your passport or find yourself in the midst of a crisis that requires you to jump over the embassy fence.

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Sunscreen (iOS)

Most of the times we pack a tube of sunscreen but often forget to apply it before we head out. Or even if we do, many don’t remember to reapply it every few hours. And if you are going to be out the entire day, it is essential you do this to prevent the ill-effects of sunrays on your skin. This app reminds you to do just that. You need to fill in your skin type and the SPF of your sunscreen lotion and the app will detect the UVI rating of your location and remind you when it’s time to slather it again.

GottaGo (Android)

Your fun trip can come to an unpleasant halt if you have the urge to answer nature’s call and you can’t find a restroom. And at times even when you do find one, it is so filthy that you rather hold your pee than use that loo. If this sounds familiar, download GottaGo app that helps find the nearest, cleanest washrooms around you. Read more…

Uber (Android, iOS)

A nifty app to have on your phone for times when you run out of cash and need to get somewhere or after drinking a bit too much are looking for a safe ride back to your hotel. With its presence in 67 countries, this app will make your life easier when you don’t want to walk the distance but don’t want to spend a bomb on traveling either.

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Splitwise (Android, iOS)

How often does it happen that you are out with friends and everyone places their orders but you struggle to split the bill and someone always ends up paying more or less? Sounds familiar? This app does the math for you and helps you split any bill in a clean, easy way. All you need to do is add all the expenses. Though this app can be used for splitting rent, grocery bills, etc, it can also be used when you go out for drinks or take a trip together.

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