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Solo travel is a journey of self-discovery. Some people claim that solo travel is the best way to experience a place. You are not influenced by the opinions of your travel partner. The focus is only on the place and its people. It also gives you a chance to meet fellow travelers and interact with the locals. Visiting a new place all alone can be little intimidating but at the same time it can be liberating. Here are few hacks for solo travelers for an easy solo sojourn. Also Read - Rajasthan News: Shops, Parlours to Open in State, Govt Offices to Function in Full Strength From June 1

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1. Pack light


Photograph courtesy: Seth Rader/Creative Commons

Yes, we understand you need your lotions, hair straightener, shorts and dresses but can you carry it on your own? Do a trial at home and make sure that you won’t struggle with your bag while climbing few stairs. The golden rule- only pack those items that you really need. Also Read - Unlock 1.0: Tarapith, Tirupati, Jagannath, Meenakshi Temples | What is Opening And From When?

2. Ask for the hotel’s business card

Once you check into a hotel, collect its business card. The card will have the hotel’s name and address, so even if you get lost while exploring a new place, you can show the card to a cab driver to take you back.

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3. Do not carry your jewelry

You will not require your jewelry or designer bags on your solo trip, so leave those items at home. Use an older case for your mobile phone or choose an older wallet to avoid attracting the attention of pickpockets.

4. Carry your medicines and multivitamins


Photograph courtesy: Sarah Braun/Creative Commons

Always carry your medicine with you so that you don’t have to run around a foreign land to purchase medicine while feeling unwell. Also, take multivitamins daily to stay healthy. You don’t want to spend the day in your hotel bed.

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5. Learn few words of the native language

Learning the local language, even few phrases, will let you explore the place more comfortably. Nowadays, there are apps like Duolingo which you can use to practice a language.

6. Carry a comfort item

We admit that sometimes it can get really lonely. For those times, you can carry a comfort item from home like your favorite snacks or TV shows. These familiar items will cheer you up instantly.

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7. Relax

After roaming around in sun all day, it’s time to pamper yourself. Take an appointment at a nearby spa to get rejuvenated. You will be fresh and ready for more adventures.

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