Halloween is just around the corner and these are the places in Goa where you should go at your own risk!Also Read - Kadamba Era Sculptures Found Lying in Dilapidated Condition at Goa-Maharashtra Border Village

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1. D’Mello House

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If there’s one place where you shouldn’t be trick or treating, it’s the D’Mello House in Goa. Located in Santemol, the house belonged to two brothers, who had a dispute about sharing their ancestral property. The fight took a violent turn and one brother killed the other. The shrieks and the falling of loud objects still haunt the house!

2. Saligao Village

2 Saligao

A banyan tree in this village is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Christalina. The lady can be seen hanging around the tree and if anyone dares to pass the place at odd hours, they risk getting possessed. Locals are terrified of lurking around this tree as according to stories, Padre Inacio Lourenco Pereira, a missionary stepped out and didn’t return for long. He was found laying motionless close to the tree. After remaining speechless for four days, he was seen screaming ‘Chistalina’ and was found scratched and covered in blood.

3. Janki Bandh

3 Janki Bandh

Janki Bandh in Navelim has witnessed one of the worst accidents and its horror filled after effects can still be felt here. A bus full of children and a few other passengers fell from the bridge, killing everyone. The crying and wailing for help adds to the eeriness here.

4. The Rodrigues Home

4 Rodrigues home

This is another house where you shouldn’t go trick or treating. Or for anything else. While its story is not known, locals have seen the windows and doors slamming shut on their own. What’s more? The linen goes missing in the middle of the night!

5. Baytakhol

5 Baytakhol

A girl’s ghost has been spotted numerous times on the road between Dhavali and Bori in Baytakhol. Some people claim to have heard a loud scream. Having stopped, they only saw an empty road. Caught by surprise, many have lost their balance and have met with terrible accidents. Apparently, an infant’s ghost too has been spotted around Baytakhol.

6. Borim Bridge

6 Borim Bridge

One can see a woman running on this bridge and then jumping off the side. However, one can’t hear the splash of water or any other sign of her if they stop to check. But, beware when you get back in the car coz she will be sitting in your back seat! Or so they say!

7. The Three Kings Church

The Three Kings Church in Cansaulim is one of the best-known haunted places in Goa. According to stories, years ago, three Portuguese kings used to fight a lot about ruling the land. One day, one of the kings invited the other two for lunch and poisoned their food. He was happy that he could now rule the land all alone. However, when the locals heard about his misconduct, a furious crowd gathered outside his palace. Afraid of being lynched, the king consumed the same poison he’d served the other two kings and killed himself. The three kings were buried in this church, and it’s believed that they now haunt the place.