The sweltering summer heat is quite something to reckon with, but it has its own set of joys as well. One of the best feelings during this time of the year is an escape to the mountains. However, to have a seamless experience, here’s a list of essential items you must carry with you.

Hiking Bag

A good backpack completes the trip. Opt for a hiking bag that has a capacity of 45-60 litres and has several small pockets. A bag made up of polyester is usually comfortable and durable.

Solar Light

A 7w solar light is a perfect partner for sparsely lit pathways, hiking or camping at night. They works for 6 hours when fully charged.

Travel Pillow

If you’re a side-sleeper, the travel pillow might not offer much cushioning but if you’re happy to just lean back into your seat, this pillow will stop your head falling to the side.

A Multi-Pouch

A multi-pouch travel organizer is ideal for storing toiletries. If you travel with lots of travel-sized beauty and toiletry products, you can’t miss out on a multi-pouch carrier. It allows you to pack your cosmetics, toothbrush, sanitiser, shaver kit, makeup and various other accessories that might otherwise get lost.

Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth Speaker is a must-have for travelling so that one can listen to their favourite playlist while hiking or sitting beside a bonfire with friends.


Whether it’s a crazy adventure shot, or just photography on a rainy day, GoPro cameras are every traveller’s dream. While DSLRs are water shy, GoPro is waterproof. They come in a waterproof casing and can easily withstand rain.

Selfie Stick 

A great selfie stick is designed to give flexibility to the traveller; to be able to take selfies no matter what the location. With an incredibly adjustable body that extends upto 31.5 inches, a lot can be fit into every frame. The head of the selfie stick can be adjusted to 270 degrees to enable taking pictures at almost any angle.