A long vacation amidst beautiful valleys, picturesque scenery and new faces for company  has now come to an end.  Your life until yesterday was full of adventures and leisure and now it has taken a complete turnover. This is one among the many roller-coaster feelings a true wanderlust person goes through after a vacation. Read these 8 post-vacation feels and don’t think  you are alone in this. Also Read - Rajasthan News: Shops, Parlours to Open in State, Govt Offices to Function in Full Strength From June 1

You don’t know what to do with your life anymore:

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Having done so many extraordinary things on your vacation, a normal life seems abnormal to you and you absolutely loathe your life right now. Suddenly everything comes to a standstill and you have absolutely no clue how to take it from there. Also Read - Unlock 1.0: Tarapith, Tirupati, Jagannath, Meenakshi Temples | What is Opening And From When?

You are not happy to be home:


New places, avenues and with so many beautiful places already explored, you start despising your very own house. You know the extreme happiness of getting back home after a long , never-ending vacation? No? Me neither! It doesn’t exist.

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The thought of getting back to work is a nightmare:

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After a vacation, going back to work is like a rude slap to your face. How can life  do this to you? You would rather wish to be dragged to hell, because working post a vacation is worse than that.

Your unpacked suitcase makes you want to cry:


Unpacking your suitcase means walking down the memory lane; because unwashed clothes still carry the smell of your memories from your trip. You have so much going on right now!

When socializing, all you talk about is your vacation:


You can’t help but chatter away the whole day to your friends about how good your vacation was and how you met some wonderful people and now feel stuck with them. This happens to the best of us and no you are not a bad human.

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Looking through pictures more often than not:


Scrolling through million pictures of your trip every single day and you still don’t feel bored or tired is a clear sign of suffering from strong post-vacation blues. Instead each picture makes go sigh!

Flooding your social media profiles with updates:


No vacation is a good vacation until a little show-off on social media. It is of utmost importance to let people know what you did on your trip and hence you go on a social media flooding spree. Now, flaunting is not that bad, is it?

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