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8 Exclusive Photos That Perfectly Capture Soul of Kashmir – From Culture to Heavenly Beauty

There is a pristine grandeur in the valleys of Kashmir that no one can describe in nature all around. Here are 8 exclusive photographs that capture the charm of Kashmir.

Published: April 25, 2022 4:13 PM IST

By Tanya Garg

Kashmir Travel
8 Exclusive Photos That Perfectly Capture Soul of Kashmir - From Culture to Heavenly Beauty (Picture Credit: Rana Pandey)

Kashmir Travel: Kashmir’s beautiful scenery and untouched environment create such a captivating vista that one feels transported to another world. The colours of the Kashmir are exquisite and wonderful, and a gentle breeze blows through the valleys, instilling a sense of life in the soul and body. got in touch with travel photographer Rana Pandey, who has captured Kashmir in his photographs. These photographs perfectly capture Kashmir’s soul, rich tradition, culture, and natural beauty.

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Kashmiri Locals: Visit Kashmir for compassion and a sense of belongingness

 Kashmir Travel

The wonderful and modest Kashmiri people greet you with kindness, a sense of belonging, and compassion as soon as you step foot on this heaven on earth. This valley is still propelled by a sense of unity and humanity that is fading in many parts of the world. Speaking to, Rana Pandey told us, “For me, it’s the heart of the locals which defines a place. Kashmiris are very loving and warm, everywhere I went in Kashmir, be it in Gulmarg or the border villages of Ringalvali I was treated like family. I can’t even recall how many times I have been invited to a house for a cup of Kahwa tea. It is indeed hard to find people who’re as amicable as the Kashmiris.” He added. “The love and warmth that is bestowed on me every time visit Kashmir, is indescribable. It makes me want to visit Kashmir frequently.”

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Kashmir Travel: Visit the hamlets for the heart and soul of Kashmir

Kashmir Travel

Those who have seen Kashmir’s lovely sceneries will never wonder why it is known as ‘paradise on earth.’ Each region of Kashmir is loaded with scenic delights. On his visit to Kashmir, Rana Pandey told us where the real heart and soul of Kashmir lies. “I love going to the far-flung hamlets of Kashmir. As I visit the remotest locations of Kashmir I get a chance to observe various customs and rituals. In the process, I am able to bring out the underlying ethos of the valley people. I would like to recommend people to visit the outskirts of the valley, instead of only visiting the famous tourist spots. The real heart of Kashmir lies in the outskirts.”

Kashmir in Winter: The fascinating Winterland during the snow

Kashmir Travel

Visualize snow falling on the mountains filled with trees and covering every inch of lush greenery in the distant pastures as it freezes and melts. Doesn’t the vision of falling snowflakes enveloping the homes of this heaven on earth, transforming it into a fascinating Winterland, make your heart jump for joy?

Shikara Rides: The house on boat experience to fall in love with the beauty of Kashmir

Kashmir Travel

Been to Kashmir and missed Shikara rides? Stunning lakes like Dal and Nageen lure almost all visitors as it is one of the best ways to witness the true beauty of Kashmir. Rana Pandey told us how the serene ambiance and sounds of Shikara made him fall in love with the mesmerising beauty of Kashmir. “Enjoying a Shikara boat ride was one of my most memorable experiences in Kashmir. Riding a shikara as early as 5 am in the morning to visit the floating vegetable market while listening to the cooing of the morning birds was a surreal experience,” he said.

Kashmir Food: Top mouth-watering Kashmiri cuisines to try

Kashmir Travel

The food in Kashmir is amazing, just like the breathtaking scenery. Kashmir’s sumptuous meals, steeped in tradition, have evolved through the centuries, from the world-famous Rogan Josh to the most opulent celebratory feast called Wazwan. And Kashmiri cuisine combines three distinct cooking styles: Muslims, Mughals, and Kashmiri Pandits. Rana Pandey told us his comfort food from Kashmir and we are not surprised. He told, “Kashmir is also known for its mouth-watering cuisines. My favourite local cuisine was Nadru (Lotus stem fritters) which is made with gram flour, lotus stems, and aromatic spices. Apart from this Kashmiri almond tea, (Kahwa) is to die for.”

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Published Date: April 25, 2022 4:13 PM IST