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Until now the Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani were the fastest trains in India. But since April 4, the newly-launched Gatimaan Express became the fastest train of the country. At an average speed of 160 kph, this train will run between New Delhi and Agra. What is more interesting that it will cover the distance in just 100 minutes. Also Read - Holi Gone Wrong: 17 Injured as Two Groups Erupt Into Clashes in Uttar Pradesh

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The trip promises to be a memorable ride with the number of new features introduced in this train. The first batch of train hostesses will be on board, making sure your ride is pleasant. Another feature is the free WiFi service on Gatimaan Express for its passengers. This isn’t all, the train also boasts of a number of cuisines to choose from thanks to its catering partner. Whether you love Indian, Chinese, Italian or continental, there is something to please your taste buds.

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If this is your maiden trip to Agra, you can even go for a planned tour of the city. The Ministry of Railway offers one- and two-day tours that are accordance with the Gatimaan Express timetable. It will depart from Delhi’s Hazrat Nizammudin Station at 8.10 am and arrive at Agra Cantt at 9.50 am. The return begins at 5.50 pm from Agra and reaches Delhi at 7.30 pm. With 12 coaches, bio toilets, state-of-the-art facilities and speed, the Gatimaan Express promises to be a joy ride for passengers. We give you a sneak peek of India’s fastest train with these 10 photos.

ALSO SEE Train hostesses to welcome passengers with roses

















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Photographs courtesy: Ministry of Railway/Facebook

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