Delhi winters are officially on with the temperature expected to drop to 4 degree Celsius today. The temperature during the day is around 16 degree Celsius but by night, it drops to single digits. If you are feeling the wrath of the winter in the capital and wouldn’t mind escaping it, we have something for you. There are several places in India that are warmer than Delhi right now and you can use this as the perfect excuse to take a break from the biting cold. Also Read - SSC Released Revised Dates For Various Exams, Check New Schedule Here

While Delhi is going down on the temperature scale, there are hill stations in the country that are pleasant and warmer than the capital. There are several places you can visit around this time and most of them are going to be less cold than Delhi. We have jotted down the lowest temperature of these places for you so you can take your pick of the hill station you want to vacation in to escape Delhi’s winter. Also Read - Romanian PM Pays $600 Fine After Pictures of Him Drinking & Smoking With Others Surfaces

Mahabaleshwar, lowest temperature: 9 degree Celsius

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Mahabaleshwar is one of Maharashtra’s best hill stations and has a pleasant climate in winter and summer. The monsoon here is ferocious but barring that, you can visit it in the other two seasons. The lowest temperature that it is likely to come down to is 9 degree Celsius which is five degrees more than Delhi’s temperature. Mahabaleshwar has beautiful vantage points from where you get a bird’s eye view of the hills surrounding it and also is ideal for a romantic sunset. The route to the hill station is full of ghats and there is a lake where you can go boating.

Ooty, lowest temperature: 10 degree Celsius


Ooty which is known as the Queen of Hills is another option you can explore to escape the chilly winter of Delhi. The lowest temperature here is 10 degree Celsius and you will witness beautiful, scenic views along with the pleasant climate. The hill station is at an elevation of 7347 ft above sea level and is home to hills, tea estates and forests. There is a toy train ride to reach Ooty which is an altogether new experience for kids as well as adults. From botanical gardens to grasslands, Ooty has a lot of natural beauty to offer to tourists.

Darjeeling, lowest temperature: 4 degree Celsius


Darjeeling is situated 2,134m above the sea level and is a hill station in West Bengal. It is quite a popular option for a summer retreat but you can find a pleasant climate in winter as well. The lowest temperature is same as Delhi i.e. 4 degree Celsius, however, we still urge you to go to experience the wonderful beauty it has to offer. The vistas are something that you will not find in Delhi and so, it will be easier to deal with the cold. Darjeeling is known for its slow pace of life and Tibetan food which is available in abundance.

Mount Abu, lowest temperature: 4 degree Celsius


Mount Abu is the only hill station in the state of Rajasthan and perhaps the only place that can be visited all year round thanks to its pleasant climate. While temperatures rise and drop to extreme levels in the state, a visit during this time is recommended. Even though the temperature is the same as in the capital, the scenic vistas here will take your breath away. A romantic boat ride on the lake is a must when here. And if you want to experience slightly warmer temperatures, you can visit other parts of Rajasthan like Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Matheran, lowest temperature: 16 degree Celsius

Matheran 2

Another hill station in Maharashtra, Matheran is known for its red soil and ponies who take you to the hill point. Another USP of this place is that vehicles are not allowed beyond a point and you can either trek or take a pony ride to reach the hill station. Matheran is known for its pleasant weather and greenery and if you see its lowest temperature which is 16 degrees, you would definitely want to come here from Delhi. For the longest time there was a toy train to reach the hill station but it was stopped for a few months due to some derailment issues. However, you can still get here by road.

Coorg, lowest temperature: 18 degree Celsius

Photograph courtesy: Anthony Pratap/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Anthony Pratap/Creative Commons

Called the Scotland of India, Coorg is a hill station in south India and is known for its tea and coffee plantations. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and you will be taken aback with its beauty and lush greenery. There are accommodation options like homestays that are next to the coffee plantations and resorts as well that offer a panoramic view of the surroundings. The best part however is that you can experience a pleasant climate that isn’t too cold or hot, a respite from Delhi’s biting cold.

Coonoor, lowest temperature: 12 degree Celsius

Acquiring an idyllic spot between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is a hill station with ample lush greenery. It is at an altitude of 1839m above the sea level and is pretty popular in south India. If you do not want to go to something as mainstream as Ooty, you can go to Coonoor instead. The hill station has a pleasant climate of 12 degrees.

Kalimpong, lowest temperature: 9 degree Celsius


If you are looking for an offbeat destination to visit, we place our bets on Kalimpong which has a warmer temperature than Delhi and is known for its Tibetan and Buddhist culture. It was initially a part of Bhutan and is now in West Bengal. It isn’t too far from Darjeeling so if that gets too crowded, you can always go to Kalimpong. You can get valley views from here of Sikkim and budget accommodation options here are aplenty. Visit Kalimpong for its peaceful atmosphere that will rejuvenate your senses completely.

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