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For the past week we witnessed Bipasha and Karan’s hot honeymoon pictures in Maldives. She clad in a bikini and him shirtless, both flaunted this fit physique and gave us some travel and fitness goals all at the same time. And now, another celebrity couple has taken to this destination and are living it up here to the fullest. The couple in question is Ashish Chowdhry and his wife Samita Bangargi. You may remember seeing him in films like Dhamaal and Qayamat. We got a sneak peek of some photos of their trip and they are just too hot to handle. Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself. The couple tied the knot in 2006 but these pics sure look like they are on their honeymoon. Both fit as a fiddle, the duo doesn’t shy away from showing off their perfectly toned body in their swimsuits. They are surely raising the temperatures and we are sweating already looking at their hot photos. Also Read - Pakistani Man Arrested For Attacking Sikh Shrine in England

Landing in Maldives on a seaplane, pretty cool isn’t it?


This photo is making us go aww and super envious at the same time.

This water villa is as luxurious as it can get!

When you have a view like this, who cares if it rains!

 Ashish never looked so hot before!


The mother of all water sports

Seafood and drinks at this restaurant in the middle of the ocean, bliss!


And with this last pic, their amazing vacation comes to an end.

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