The lip-smacking delicacies of India, envy of the world, cooked with spices so brilliant, that the west sailed around the world to get to them. Ever wondered what the specific dishes of the diverse states of this gastronomic haven of a country feel most happy, eating? Here are the dishes from around the country that are a must-try for the avid traveller: Also Read - 'This is My India': Delhi Mosques Organize Food For Protesting Farmers, Spread Message of 'Unity in Diversity'

Shorshe Ilish (Hilsa), West Bengal Also Read - Palak Paneer Recipe: Know How to Make This Popular North Indian Dish Within 30 Minutes

The Queen of fish, as the Bengalis love to call their dearest ‘Ilish Maach’, tops this list. Cooked in various ways, the most popular preparation of this fish is a steamed version, in mustard paste, mustard oil and the aroma of green chillies lingering in the air. Also Read - Ghee Rice Recipe: Do Try This popular South Indian Dish Filled With Aroma

Wazwan, Jammu & Kashmir

Wazwan, the extravagant platter, is the jewel of this heavenly state. Comprising of seven meat based dishes, like Rogan Josh, Goshtaba, Tabak Maaz, and Rista, this is served at joyous occasions, with families sharing large platters with rice or the dry fruits laced kashmiri pulao.

Lal Maas, Rajasthan

Dal Baati Churma being the most well-known dish from the state of Rajputs, little known is the Lal Maas, a beautiful red chilli paste marinated mutton dish, that rivals any other meat curry any day.

Makke di Roti – Sarso da saag, Punjab

Makke di Roti (cornmeal flatbread) with Sarso da saag (mustard leaves curry) are an absolute must-have when in Punjab. Often served with desi ghee (clarified butter), jaggery, and homemade pickle, you will be left yearning for more.

Prawns Kuzhambu, Tamil Nadu

Marinated in well-chosen spices, and cooked into a tangy curry with tamarind paste, this prawn in a thick gravy is the amalgamation of coastal South Indian flavours. Accompanied by rice, this makes really great comfort food.

Vada PavMaharashtra

Not a very old recipe, the Vada Pav (vegetarian burger with a twist) is the go-to in this state. Be it at a road side stop on the high way, or at quaint cafes in the cities, this quick bite is an absolute favourite of the marathi palate.

Momos, Sikkim

Dumplings filled with various meat or vegetable stuffing, these are served here practically at every eatery, with a coarse chilli chutney, and a clear soup, to warm you up in the dropping temperatures of this hilly region.

Pork Vindaloo, Goa

This comfort food of Goan grandmothers need no introduction. It is spicy, tangy and in a thick enough gravy to accompany flatbreads and your cold beer on the beaches or the spice plantations of this laid back happy state.