West Kameng main The West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh is an intriguing region. There are spellbinding places that are encapsulated in this enchanting district. Known for its famous passes such as the Sela and Tawang Passes, people plan their trips to these places. However, the journey is not a completely smooth one. The roads and the topography are such that driving to these passes is a journey that spans well over 12 hours. Therefore, a halt is recommended; and the best places to halt at are in Dirang and Bomdila. The Monpa Tribe is essentially Buddhist and follows a simple lifestyle. They are very helpful and will make your stay memorable. If you need to be convinced further, then these pictures will set you into a tizzy! Also Read - Golden Globe Awards 2021: When, Where And How To Watch Live Streaming

Misty clad mountains surround you in Dirang

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At a vantage point, admire the beautiful River Dirang that flows gently through Dirang Town

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Watch the Monpa Tribesmen fishing in the river near Bomdila


Don’t forget to visit Sangti Village where you will be surrounded by lush greenery and less humanity


Get amazed at how your worries seem to get washed away while viewing the breathtaking Sangti River


Corn drying in the open air alongside a stack of firewood in a village near Dirang

Dirang corn

Want to keep your spirits high? Try some of the local brew that’s made by the Monpa Tribe


Have a look at where the Monpa people stay…it’s nothing short of surreal!