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Money is often a roadblock whenever we think of taking a trip. But if you spend wisely and plan smart, you can easily check off a lot of things from your itinerary without spending a bomb. If you love to travel, these hacks will come in handy for you. Also Read - Monalisa Lights Diya With Hubby Vikrant, Shares Stunning Photo

1. Book your tickets months in advance                        

Yes, booking in advance saves you money and if data collected by SkyScanner, a ticket booking app, is to be believed, the best time to book your tickets is four months before your actual trip. And if you are planning to fly abroad, February is the cheapest month to do so. (CHECK OUT Best time to book international flight tickets). There are other ways also to ensure that you get the cheapest fare and one of them is to open a tab online in incognito mode. ALSO SEE How to book cheap flights Also Read - Jaws Actor Lee Fierro Passes Away at 91 Due to Coronavirus Complications

2. Travel in a group

If you don’t want to travel on a shoestring budget all the time, travel in a group as that will allow you to get a better deal in less amount. Sharing rooms or apartments with a group reduces your accommodation cost without compromising much on the comforts. Even traveling, food and other expenses come down in a group. What’s more, you will always have someone to take your pictures for social profile.

3. Go during off season

Going to any place during its peak season means more expenses. From food to stay to sightseeing, the costs are always higher during peak season. One way to save money is to go to a place during off season. Not only will find things to be cheaper, you will also find less people during that time. But make sure you check the weather conditions and activities beforehand to avoid disappointment later. ALSO SEE How to save money for a trip

4. Travel like a local

Perhaps the fastest and cheapest way to make sure you do more sightseeing is to use the country’s public transport to get around. The same way, eating local food from streets or small restaurants is always cheaper than ordering the same thing in a hotel. Many homestays also have an option of a cook. If you are living in one, you can further cut your costs this way. Also, talking to locals can help you find better and cheaper options, things that you probably wouldn’t find online. (DON’T MISS More stories on Travel Tips).

5. Look for discount coupons and deals

Researching before you head out can come in handy especially if you love eating out and going to expensive places. Many places offer discounts or deals that can save you money. Call them up and ask for their offers or look up discount websites for cheap deals. You can even buy passes that have offers on sightseeing tours. Make use of these instead of paying the full amount. ALSO SEE How to keep cash safe while traveling 

6. Set a budget for your trip

There is always the temptation to splurge when on a vacation. While it is alright to give into it at times, it is wise to have a splurge limit for every trip you take. Before you set out on your journey, calculate your expenses and set a budget for yourself. You can even keep aside some money for splurging on something you really want once there. This will help you from going overboard and spending all your money in a single trip.

7. Look for things you can do for free

Every destination has several things that do not cost a penny. From lazying on the beach to walking around town, you can do many things that don’t require you to shell out money. Many places also have museums and galleries that do not charge an entry fee. So look for such things and include them in your itinerary.

8. Save on accommodation

One of the things you can do to save more money is to opt for cheap accommodation options. These include budget hotels, youth hostels, homestays and couch surfing. Yes, they may not have all the amenities that a luxury hotel may offer but the basics are usually in place and if you are going to be out the entire day, this may work for you. We hope these tips help you travel more and explore new places!

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