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Instagram is one place where you can flaunt the food you eat and places you travel to with pretty pictures. Melissa Hie who loves food, travel and photos did just that. On a backpacking trip to Europe a few years ago, she started putting up photographs of street food she ate in different parts of the world. Set against a beautiful backdrop with a bite of the yummilicious dish she had, her handle soon became quite popular. We couldn’t stop looking at the photos and we bet if you are a foodie, you’ll turn a wee bit jealous. Trying local delicacies of a place is one of the best ways to get a flavor of its culture and people. Here’s a sneak peek of GirlEatWorld’s food dairies from around the world. Also Read - Punjabi Hottie Sargun Mehta Flaunts Her Perfect Washboard Abs in Crop Top And Denim Pants

Pudina paratha in Agra. You can’t miss Taj Mahal in the backdrop.

Takoyaki, a popular delicacy in Japan.

A gingerbread cookie in London. Because. Well. England

Tower Bridge in #London, enjoying a cute teddy bear cookie i got from Borough Market A photo posted by Food & Travel (@girleatworld) on May 11, 2014 at 7:38am PDT

Cocktails on a beach in Malaysia. Does it get any better than this?

  Sipping champagne overlooking the skyline in Singapore.

A 32 cm ice cream in Seoul, perfect to beat the heat.

  Masala soda in Rajasthan. A drink you’ll only find in India!

Masala soda by @cheehuey at the top of Jaisalmer Fort in #India state of Rajashtan. #WeEatWorld #Wedrinkworld A photo posted by Food & Travel (@girleatworld) on Nov 10, 2014 at 7:23am PST

Eating fries whilst admiring the NYC skyline.

Ever had jackfruit chips? You’ll find them in Cambodia.

A butter croissant in Paris. Are you envious or envious?

#GirlEatWorld by the wonderful @icecreamofinsta – not an ice cream, more fitting to have a croissant at Eiffel Tower in Paris! But!! did you know that croissant originated in Vienna? The mention of ‘kipferl’, which is the origin of what we call croissant these days, goes back to 13th century. The french at some point adapted it, added tons of butter and made it cresent-shaped. French version became more popular (because butter) and thus the term croissant which means ‘crescent’ in french! One of the stories of how kipferl made its way to france is through the Austrian princess Marie Antoinette, who were married to the (then) French prince Louis XVI in the 17th century. Marie Antoinette was a fashionable trend-setter royalty – whatever she liked became popular in Paris, and it was said that she loved to have Kipferl for breakfast. How true is this story? i don’t know, but i sure am glad the french added more butter! #ButterFTW #vivelafrance #WhenInDoubt #JustAddButter A photo posted by Food & Travel (@girleatworld) on Feb 9, 2015 at 9:26am PST

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