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Palaces, forts, waterfalls, forests, national parks and much more – India has it all. Historical monuments like Taj Mahal are quite popular among tourists. However, what’s even more intriguing is how even the ruins in India are frequented by travelers. Ruins that bear testimony to the rich culture and architecture of the bygone golden era are a must visit in India. Here’s a pictorial tour through the ruins in India Also Read - 4th Wave of COVID? Karnataka Govt to Tighten Rules Amid Rising Cases. Deets Inside

1. Aihole, Karnataka: Aihole is home to a historic temple complex in Bagalkot district. Also Read - Corona Returning in Bihar? 37 Inmates Test COVID Positive in Beur Jail, Cases on Rise in Patna


2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan: Bhangarh fort is a 17th century fort built in Rajasthan. It is popular for its haunted stories.


3. Martand Sun Temple, Jammu and Kashmir: The Martand Sun Temple was built during 8th century CE. It is now in ruins.


4. Nalanda, Bihar: Nalanda was an acclaimed Mahavihara, a large Buddhist monastery. Historians characterize it as a university.


5. Vijayanagar, Karnataka: Vijayanagara is known for its ruins. Hampi lies within this city of ruins.


6. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh: Mandu is a ruined city located in the Malwa region.


7. Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh: Gandikota is a small village on the right bank of river Pennar in Andhra Pradesh. It is known for its ruins.


8. British Residency, Uttar Pradesh: The British Residency is a group of several buildings, constructed between 1780 and 1800 AD. It served as the residence for the British Resident General who was a representative in the court of the Nawab.