As the name suggests, the The Beantown Backyard Festival draws inspiration from the legend of how Bengaluru got its name and enlivens experiences for all alike; a nostalgia which lies at the heart of the city’s soul. In a first of its kind the city will witness a first of its kind musical extravaganza with internationally celebrated artists like Asian Dub Foundation, a multi-cultural British brand acclaimed for their explosively exciting performances, the multi-talented Indian folk musician Kutle Khan Project, Parvaaz the contemporary Indian music band which is creating waves across the country for their soulful renditions of music. The festival will also witness artists who seamlessly cut across Indian and International music realms like Soul Mate, Maati Baani ft Mooralala Marwada, Namit Das + Anurag Shanker, Thermal & a Quarter and many more.

The first edition of the two-day festival will be held on the weekend of 27th & 28th October, 2018. Set in the city’s backyard, at the sprawling Canterbury Castles, on the foothills of Nandi Hills, the festival will open its gates as early as 7:00 a.m and will go on till 11:00 pm.

Bengalureans need to pack their bags to head out and soak the sun as the event gears up to revive the city’s rhythm with a line-up of world-class music performances, international artists, larger than life experiences, unlimited food options from over 20 food trucks and specialty food pop-ups curated over specialty brews and other non-alcoholic beverages. Setting this festival truly apart are the below experiences to watch out for –

–          The first festival in the country to open its gates at 7:00 am.

–          Hourly shuttles from the city to the festival from 6 30am: a community experience like no other

–          Music aficionados will get a taste of everything from folk, rock, blues, reggae, roots, gypsy, jazz, swing, electronica, hip-hop and everything else in between

–          In perhaps, what is a first – The festival also features a Queer artist in Ms. Mohammed, a UK based immigrant, who has championed the rights of the LGBTQ community, with her music.

–          Fans make an entry to the festival through a 500 meter zip-line running  from the box office to the stage area

–          Yoga sessions with Buddhist monks, and music, to highlight the importance of wellness, today.

–          Early morning short hikes up the hill

–          Hot-Air balloons

–          Slack-lining

–          An overnight campsite, under a full moon & stars

Over the past few years Bengaluru has exploded into a big busy city, carving a contemporary & a cosmopolitan imagery of itself while somehow retaining its old charm. It’s this old charm, the nostalgia of it all, that we all romanticize & yearn for. The Beantown Backyard Festival was born out of this nostalgia & is really just a celebration of those simpler days, of good times, had – when people bonded in wide open spaces, in parks, under the shade of trees; over music, conversations, food and brews. We are positive about creating this unique property serving experiences that the city loves, in its own backyard, foothills of Nandi Hills.