“I need some time off and now!” I vividly remember thinking to myself, before I took a short trip to Vijaydurg. And I also remember telling myself, “I took a trip and how”, once I was back.

Nestled in the Konkans, Vijaydurg is a nice place to visit if you want some alone time, and the summers are perfect for it. A swift bus ride or a drive by, escaping the city and slipping into the greenery, hills and valleys is just a start to a a great journey. The town has very little to see, but what it offers is just enough to have a great time.

Green Valley Fort View Resort is the best you’d get to stay. They serve the best authentic seafood with sol- kadi, a preparation of coconut milk and kokum. The rooms of the resort open to the lobby on one side and to the beach on the other. Waking up to the tranquil sound of the waves, cows moo and birds chirp is in its own way serene.

I started off with a quick swim at the beach followed by breakfast. Walking down the entire stretch of the beach would’ve taken me an hour, but the child in me halted at the sight of shells and squealed each time. After a shower followed by a slow and ravishing lunch, I finally decided to hike up the fort.

It wasn’t a touch climb and the fort looked like it had aged gracefully over centuries. Especially since, the Vijaydurg fort is where Helium was first discovered. The best part of it was walking through a narrow patch and finally getting a view of the horizon, the sunset, and the beach on one side and mountains and greenery on the other. I sat there for hours together, doing nothing but just breathing in the fresh air.

If you honestly want a break from Mumbai and have just about a weekend to yourself, then this is a place that will help you unwind wholly!