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Even though hotels of all shapes and sizes have popped up in many tourist mainstays, the vast landscape of Ladakh still holds many surprises and unexplored routes and destinations. If you have the time, a couple of weeks exploring these unknown, offbeat paths can be an incredible journey. But with a long trip, finding affordable places to stay in Ladakh becomes a major challenge. Here, then, is a list of 10 really affordable places to stay in Ladakh for roughly around INR 1,500 or less per night. Just a disclaimer: guesthouses, home stays, hotels and other places offering accommodation can change their rates any time, so the prices mentioned below may not be the same that you encounter when you finally get to Ladakh. Contact the places (we’ve left the phone numbers for each entry) and confirm the prices before you head there. Also Read - Concerned at China's 'Aggression', US House Panel Urges it to Use Diplomacy to Resolve Dispute With India

Youthok Guest House

Located in Katpa, Leh, Youthok Guest House is a pretty well-rated yet affordable hotel. Hot water is available 24/7 and there is free WiFi access and private parking, and there is a flat-screen television in each room too, although we cannot imagine why anyone would travel to Ladakh to watch TV. This place is safe and inexpensive according to the rave reviews left by guests, and lies near the main bazaar of the city as well. Also Read - India-China Ladakh Standoff: 'Situation Stable And Controllable, All Channels Open For Talks,' Says Beijing

Where: Sankar Road, Katpa, Leh

Price: Rs 1,500

Phone: 094191 79546

New Moon Guest House

New Moon Guest House also lies along Sankar Road, offering the same proximity to the main bazaar and the Soma Gompa and practicality as the Youthok Guest House. The rates too are more or less the same. There is a sun terrace to bask in when you want to just relax, and the view is excellent of course. Bike and car rentals are available too. Between this and the first option, you cannot go wrong with either. Confirm the prices and go for the one that is cheaper or available at the dates you are travelling.

Where: Chhubi, Sankar Road, Leh

Price: Rs 1,500

Phone: 099062 61233

Shanti Stupa - Leh - Jammu-and-Kashmir

Shanti Stupa – Leh – Jammu-and-Kashmir

Nira-la Ladakh Guest House

We have another entry along Sankar Road in Leh, and this time it is the Nira-la Ladakh Guest House. This one offers free private parking, bikes on hire to travel around Ladakh and free WiFi. Most importantly, the rooms here offer spectacular views of the mountain and/or river.The staff are kind and the food is simple but delicious.

Where:  Chhubi road, Leh, near Women’s Alliance Office

Price: Rs 1,500

Phone: 01982 255 664

Ashoka Guest House

Located around 4 km from the Rimpochee airport, Ashoka Guest House lies around 10 minutes away from the main bazaar area and makes for a great place for couples to stay in. Free WiFi, free parking and an onsite restaurant with some good food to chow on. Despite its closeness to the main market, it has a rather homely feel to it, which makes it all the more charming for the guests.

Where: Main Tukcha Road, Leh

Price: Rs 1,200

Phone: 094192 18253

Leh Palace

Leh Palace

Heschuk Guest House

Another place located near the main bazaar of Leh, the Heschuk Guest House offers a nice view of the famous Shanti Stupa and comes with the usual basic amenities along with an onsite restaurant. What makes this place unique though is that it only serves organic food from the vegetable patch in its backyard. That is quite an attraction for those who love organic food.

Where: House No-230, Sankar near Lamdon School, Leh

Price: Rs 1,500

Phone: 0962 295 6408

Zeepata Guesthouse

While the other entries mentioned above are located around the main bazaar area, Zeepata Guesthouse is a little hard to find. Located in Upper Changspa, Leh, the place is pretty popular for its hospitality. The rooms are clean and despite the shared bathrooms, you won’t have anything to complain about. For backpackers, this makes for a great private place to chill in Ladakh away from the crowd.

Where: Upper Changspa, Leh

Price: Rs 1,000

Phone: 09622956517, 09622971878

Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri

Gyab Thago Heritage Homestay

Leh is full of nooks and corners where you can find cheap home-stays for accommodation, but Gyab Thago is relatively more famous than many others because of its old-school look and feel. Gyab Thago lies a little ways away from the Leh palace and gompa, and is favored by those who are going towards Stok Kangri. The shared bathroom is clean and so are the rooms, and the people are pleasant.

Where: Stok, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: Rs 1,000

Phone: 09419218421

Himalayan Homestays

Now, this is not just one place. Himalayan Homestays are a series of, well, home-stays that offer basic amenities to travelers who are exploring the lesser-known regions of Ladakh. There are many of them spread across the region, with simple home-cooked meals on offer prepared by Ladakhi families and local dry pit toilets that are jarring at first but ultimately very eco-friendly. Popular among campers and hikers, you can find them near Tso Moriri and Pangong lakes and Sham and Markha valleys, among other places.

Where: Lots of places around Ladakh

Price: Rs 800

Phone: This page has a list of agents to contact for bookings, with phone numbers

Milky Way over Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle, Photograph Courtesy: Navaneeth Unnikrishnan/Wikimedia Commons

Milky Way over Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle, Photograph Courtesy: Navaneeth Unnikrishnan/Wikimedia Commons

Sonam & Padma’s Guest House

Stargazers would know about Hanle, a village that is home to the simple yet beautiful Hanle Monastery and the Indian Astronomical Observatory, with its Chandra Telescope peaking into the cosmos above. You can stare at the starlit nights from Sonam & Padma’s Guest House in Hanle, with its colorful decor keeping things nice and bright. The amenities here are bare bones, with a local bio-toilet and shared and attached bathrooms. But the food is fresh and delicious and the experience is unique to say the least. ALSO READ: Unexplored places to visit in Ladakh for your summer vacation

Where: Hanle, Ladakh

Price: Rs 500

Phone: 09469224302

Skitsal Hotel

Finally, we end this list with Skitsal, a small home-stay located in Karzoo, Leh. The small wooden house is as close as it gets to a homely experience in Ladakh, with kitchen gardens that grow several vegetables and flowers and a kitchen with lots of goodies. The rooms upstairs offer great views of the region outside, a testament to the beauty of the region. Ladakh, despite the fact that it has become a huge tourist den in the past few years, is still beautiful and captivating enough to make an incredible trip.  These photos of Ladakh are an example of that.

Where: Karzoo, Leh

Price: Rs 500

Phone: 01982 242 051

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