Air India flight

Air India flight

Looks like meat’s no longer on the menu, boys. Air India has stopped serving non-vegetarian meals on its Economy class domestic flights, according to a recent report in The Hindu. And this time the motive is purely monetary. Air India will likely save around INR 8-9 crore in annual costs with this move, not to mention remove the risk of mixing up meals and serving meat to a pure vegetarian, earning his/her wrath. ALSO READ: New Air India Flight to Washington, DC brings United States closer to Indian Travelers Also Read - Post April 14, Central Govt Likely to Allow Flight Operations in Staggered Manner

And before you get upset about Air India snatching away your chance to savor meat while cruising 39,000 feet up in the air, the restrictions are only for certain flights. Specifically, domestic flights with a time of 90 minutes or less will be the ones with the pure veg menu. All international flights, along with domestic flights lasting more than 90 minutes, will continue to offer non-veg foods to their passengers. In any case, airline meals are not exactly culinary delights on most flights. Also Read - 'Proud of You': Pakistan ATC Lauds Air India For COVID-19 Relief Flights

Meanwhile, the beleaguered Air India is considering more efforts to cut down costs. The national air carrier has been in a soup for quite some time now. It has been spinning losses for decades, and the national government is considering divesting from the airline in parts because it is not getting many bidders. Chairman & Managing Director Ashwani Lohani is considering all methods to cut down on costs, and is even turning to his crew to get new ideas. Also Read - Air India Halts All Bookings Till April 30, But What About Employees' Pay?

The ideas on the plate right now include getting rid of salads from the menu on international flights because very few people select the option. Lohani said that just 20 percent of guests opt for salad on the menu, and that salad could be discontinued in the economy class of international flights. He is also considering cutting down the number of copies of in-flight magazines. Rather than keeping a magazine copy on each seat, there could be a few magazine racks with around 25 copies only, according to a memo by Lohani.

And Lohani may be looking at budget air carrier IndiGo for inspiration. In his memo, he mentions IndiGo’s cost-cutting efforts, such as removing the cockpit door curtain and hooks to reduce flight weight. Cutting down on even a few grams can help airlines lower their costs, especially aviation fuel costs, significantly. GoAir, for instance, decided to hire only women as flight attendants from 2013 because they are lighter than men on average. NOW READ: Did you know about Air India’s Senior Citizen Concession?

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