Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Cheap flight tickets especially cheap international flight tickets are always a great deal to get as you can then spend more on your holiday, either splurging more on accommodation, staying for longer or going for expensive experiences that you probably gave up earlier. And if you are constantly on the lookout for such deals, here’s one that will blow your mind. AirAsia is offering a splendid deal from Bhubaneswar to Kuala Lumpur. A one-way ticket can cost you as low as Rs 999. We surely are tempted to book this flight. Here are some more details of this amazing deal. ALSO SEE The best time to book cheap international flight tickets

The offer is currently on and you can book your tickets until March 5, 2017, when the promotion offer ends. However, bookings can only be made for the travel period between April 26 to October 27. The flight price will increase if you book a return ticket but it is still way cheaper than booking one without any offer.

There are certain terms and conditions though that include: there is a non-refundable processing fee for booking these tickets and the seats are limited so the sooner you book, the better. The fare is inclusive of airport taxes and is non-refundable once the payment is made. It is an online offer so you can only book on their website and once booked, you can make changes in date subject to availability but at an additional cost. The offer does seem very tempting and if you are in Bhubaneswar, you can make complete use of it by booking your tickets on AirAsia’s website. ALSO SEE 10 hacks to get the best and cheapest hotel deals

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