We all know the usual tourist destinations that the world swoons over – Switzerland, Thailand, Australia, Miami. However, there are some absolutely marvelous countries which are not as touristy as the others but every bit as beautiful. One such country is Albania. Located in southeastern Europe, Albania is one of the countries of the Balkan peninsula. It occupies the southwestern portion of the Balkan peninsula so you can imagine that it is home to some spectacular beaches. Apart from the gorgeous coastline and turquoise waters, Albania is also known for its archaeological sites. Its castles are as alluring as its museums. Several monuments of the country are great examples of commendable architecture. Its snow clad peaks and sleepy villages make it one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Eastern Europe. (ALSO SEE These Breathtaking Pictures of Norway Show Why It Must Be on Every Bucket List) Here are some stunning pictures of Albania that will tempt you to visit this wonderland before the world turns it into an extravagant tourist destination. Also Read - Looters plunder Albania's sunken treasures

Morning summer Ionian sea coast top view with beach, Albania

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View at old city of Berat in Albania

Albania - Berat Also Read - Hundreds trapped as flooding hits northern Albania

Summer morning Pulebardha beach with sunbeds, strawy sunshades and pebbles in Saranda, Albania

summer morning in Pulebarda

Sunshade umbrellas and deckchairs on the small beautiful Ksamil beach in Albania

Albania beach with umbrellas

Wonderful Mountain landscape in Valbona Albania

Mountain landscape in Albania

The Skanderbeg Museum within the castle in historical Kruje which is a center of tourism in Albania and a source of inspiration to Albanians

Albania castle

Sunshade umbrellas and deckchairs on the beautiful Ksamil beach in Albania

Sunshade umbrellas in Albania

Berat in Albania is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and these houses are its identity

Berat Albania

The Et’hem Bey Mosque in Albania’s Tirana on a beautiful summer day

Mosque in Albania

View from Rozafa Castle in Albania’s Shkodër



So, next time you want to take a trip abroad, choose Eastern Europe and visit this beautiful country that is still relatively unexplored.