Houseboat in Alleppey

Houseboat in Alleppey

The city of Alappuzha, still known locally by its British-era name, Alleppey, recently won the HolidayIQ Better Holiday Award for ‘India’s favorite Waterfront Destination’. The city’s network of canals and backwaters earned it the title of ‘Venice of the East’ centuries ago by the Viceroy of the British Indian empire, Lord Curzon. This most recent award conferred to Kerala Tourism shows that Alleppey still holds on to its old-world charm. Over the years since Curzon visited the place and remarked on its beauty, Alleppey has grown to become a bustling city with the usual hustle and commotion usually associated with a modern Indian city. But the canals and backwaters remain just as they were; calm and relaxing. ALSO READ: 6 best resorts in Alleppey you’d never want to leave!
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Head to the houseboats along the backwaters of Alleppey, and you would forget that you were in a city. The urban jungle gives way to lush greenery, villages and homes by the waterfront and local toddy shops. The quintessential Kerala experience, it’s no wonder that Alleppey was chosen for the award. Dr. Venu V, Kerala Tourism’s Principal Secretary, said, “This award reiterates the popularity of the state tourism as it was chosen by over 15 crore Indian travelers. Kerala Tourism department is always keen in implementing new and innovative ideas and projects for the growth of Kerala as the best destination. Prestigious awards like these are an inspiration to raise the benchmark in taking up new initiatives.” Also Read - Kerala Mosque Hosts Wedding For A Hindu Couple, Sets Beautiful Example of Communal Harmony

Kadakampalli Surendran, the state’s Minister of Tourism, said, “Getting an award for another individual feature of the state in itself shows how versatile our state is as a tourist destination. And I’m so overwhelmed by the fact that Kerala is gaining popularity and is preferred by people all over.” Also Read - Don't Miss Out on These Offbeat Indian Destinations This December

The HolidayIQ Better Holiday Awards recognize places and experiences identified and rated by millions of Indian travelers across the country’s towns and cities. Alleppey alone welcomes thousands of tourists every year to its freshwater lakes, canals and backwaters. With its beaches, backwaters, paddy fields and houseboats, Alleppey makes for a great place to unwind and just enjoy the food, drinks and lazy ambiance. NOW READ: 8 stunning pictures that show why Alleppey is called Venice of the East!

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