Roller coasters are as fascinating as they are adventurous. Who doesn’t like that rush of Adrenalin during a ride when you go up and down and round and round. The feeling is unparalleled, so much that anyone who has a strong heart and a curious mind loves to hop on and experience the thrill. And children are no exception. However, what we often tend to forget is how dangerous these roller coasters can be. Just the thought of a malfunction sends a chill down our spine. Imagine what can happen if something goes wrong when you are up in the air in a machine you have no control over! A similar situation was faced by a kid at Wonderland in Amarillo in Texas when his seat belt came off during a ride. Fortunately, his superman was sitting right next to him and came to his rescue. Also Read - Another Silver Lining in COVID Fight: Scientists Discover Proteins Which May Reduce Acute Inflammatory Response

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This video which was meant to capture the kid’s thrill captures the rather scary experience. It reminds us of the importance of safety in roller coaster rides. And also that our father will always be the superhero who will get us out of any trouble! Also Read - Vikas Dubey, UP's Most Wanted Didn't Figure in List of Criminals

Dad Grabs Son After Seat Belt Malfunctions Mid-Ride on Roller …

Video shows father grab son after seat belt malfunctions mid-ride on Texas roller coaster:

Posted by ABC News on Thursday, April 28, 2016

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