Photograph courtesy: Brain Moran/Creative Commons

Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower in France, the Taj Mahal in or the Pyramids in Egypt, none of the stunning  man-made wonders of the world can be compared to the magnificence of nature. Traveling is one of the best ways to escape materialism and chance upon nature in the most mesmerizing way.Also Read - Omicron Scare: 7-Day Institutional Quarantine Mandatory For Flyers Coming From 'At-Risk' Nations in Maharashtra

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Photograph courtesy: Dave Wilson/Creative Commons

Since there are one too many breathtaking natural wonders in the world to list down at once, we have started a series, sharing with you mind-blowing pictures and interesting facts about natural wonders around the world like the Yoho National Park in Canada, Grand Canyon in USA, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe among many others. And now, we bring to you the lesser known Hamilton Pool Preserve located in Texas. We hope you’re taking note and adding these places to your wishlist! Also Read - Bihar Panchayat Election Result 2021 LIVE: Counting of Votes For 9th Phase Underway. Check Full List of Winners

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The Hamilton Pool Preserve is located in the Travis County Parks in Austin, the capital of Texas. It is located inside a canyon which was naturally  formed when a dome covering an underwater river collapsed several thousands of years back due to heavy erosion.

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Photograph courtesy: Brain Moran/Creative Commons

Though a famous summer destination for Texans, it’s a well kept secret from most  travelers. The pool is surrounded by huge slabs of limestone that line the edge of the pool Beautiful stalactites dangle from the extremely high ceiling and the surrounding cliffs of the cave like structure. This grotto is home to maidenhair fern, moss and cliff swallows. The pool is a part of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve and is spread across 232 acres. It is a natural habitat to various  species of flora and fauna. In fact, along with the green pool, there is also a 50 ft tall waterfall that empties water from a creek.

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It is believed that American politician, Morgan C Hamilton owned the preserve till the late 1860s. However, it was sold to a German family that immigrated to Texas around the 1880s who reared cattle and sheep here . Legend has it that the family had a little eight-year-old boy who discovered the pool formed after the dome caved in.


The family then realized that the place wasn’t suitable for grazing cattle and then decided to open it to the public for recreational activities. Though the pool never became popular among locals, back in the ’80s, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department took notice of the Hamilton Pool and bought it from the German family in 1985.

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Since then, the entire preserve has been under observation and care, and the ecosystems are being revived, hiking trails have been restricted so that nature isn’t disturbed and the number of people who visit the site at a time is also monitored.


Th Hamilton Pool is probably one of the most scenic pools in the world that no level or architecture and design could replicate!


Photograph courtesy: Brain Moran/Creative Commons 

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