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From the depths of the seas to the heights of the mounts, we are surrounded by natural wonders that are simply awe-inspiring. Whether it’s the Lonar Crater Lake in India, the Yoho National park in Canada, the Thor’s Well in the US or the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, nature never fails to take our breath away. And to make sure you’re just as much in love with the oceans, forests and valleys, we thought of bringing you a 21-part series, with some outrageously cool facts about natural wonders around the planet. That brings us to one of the world’s most magnificent, dangerous and breathtaking mountains in the world — The Mount Everest. Also Read - Terrifying Videos of Locust Attack Take Over Twitter; 'What's Wrong With You 2020', Ask Netizens

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Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The Mount Everest is the tallest mountain above sea level with a whopping height of 8,848 m and is a part of the greater Himalayan range, on the border of China and Nepal. Though formed about 60 million years ago, there is evidence of underwater sedimentary rocks that are over 400 million years old. Research proves that the Indian subcontinent was an independent island when it clashed with Asia, gradually forming the Everest. This is also the reason why the mountain keeps growing taller (by 4 mm) each year. The height of this mountain has been a matter of debate for both China and Nepal for the longest time.


Photograph courtesy: Fotopamas/Creative Commons

While the Chinese believe that the snow must not be taken into consideration while measuring height, the Nepalese think otherwise. According to China, the Everest is 8,844 m tall and for Nepal the height of the mountain is 8,848 m, However, since most mountains around the world are measured including the layer of snow, the two countries came to an agreement only in 2010.

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The mount Everest was discovered only in the 18oos. The mountain has several names like Chomolungma which means the Goddess Mother of Mountains for the Tibetans and Sagarmatha among the Nepalese which refers to the forehead in the sky. The mountain got its name Everest, only after British surveyor Andrew Waugh was unable to adopt a commonly used local name for the mountain, he named it after the Indian Surveyor General George Everest, who lead the the British team that first surveyed the Himalayas. This name was made official only in 1865, when the mountain’s name was changed from Peak XV to Everest.


Though several attempts of conquering the world’s tallest mountain were made more than a couple of decades before the first successful ascent, Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander and Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa from Darjeeeling, India completed the feat only in 1953. In fact, they never revealed which one of them made his way to the peak first, since it wouldn’t have been possible without it being a team effort. Years later, both of their respective sons completed the summit, following their fathers’ steps.

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Though it is the tallest peak in the world, Everest isn’t the most dangerous summit. However there are over 200 unclaimed bodies on the mountain and apart from 1977, there has been at least one death each year. Yet on the other hand, Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi, two Nepali Sherpa hold the record of having climbed the mountain 21 times. Research also proves that the amount of oxygen available at about 8,000 m, is only one third the amount of oxygen available at sea level.


The temperature gets as low as -40° C, despite which, Reinhold Messner became the first one to climb the mountain alone, without oxygen in 1980. In 1975, the first woman to have reached the peak was Junko Tabei. A couple of decades later, in his third attempt, Tom Whittaker became the first amputee to scale the world’s tallest peak in 1998.

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In 2001, Marco Siffredi and Stefan Gatt from France and Austria respectively snowboarded down the mountain. While the oldest man to scale the mountain was 70-year-old Yuichiro Miura from Japan who completed the summit n 2003, the youngest was 13 year old Jordan Romero who completed the summit in 2010 is from America. The most interesting of them all, in 2004, the Nepalese Sherpa Pem Dorhee married Moni Mule Pati on the peak.


With the growth in technology, not only has a phone call been made from the Everest, skype calls and tweets have been made possible too. In fact, Google has finally been able to put some pictures of the summit and put the Everest on their maps.

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And lastly, we leave you with this video that will help you realize how much it really costs to try the summit.